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  1. A new vaccine can be developed in a couple weeks. But hey, if you never want to travel again, up to you! And if folks don’t want to be vaccinated, their choice!
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/15/well/live/covid-variants-vaccine.html?name=styln-coronavirus&region=TOP_BANNER&block=storyline_menu_recirc&action=click&pgtype=Article&variant=1_Show&is_new=false
  3. Yahoo and Axios...always my first choice for scientific information!
  4. We seem to “tolerate”(without shutting down the economy) 30-50000 deaths/year from the flu in the US. About 140/day but not evenly distributed through the year, of course. Still a way to go for Covid...
  5. Their numbers appear to have leveled off the last few days at least but hard to understand...Ontario similar.
  6. Antarctica is looking pretty attractive right now!
  7. Dr. Walensky’s “impending doom” comment was embarrassing. Another example of emotion and spin overruling “science”. The regional variations in Covid incidence and mortality are very hard to explain but some authorities keep trying to give simple explanations anyway. “Hygiene theater “ and confirmation bias rules the day.
  8. Because medicine requires interpretation of facts and makes predictions about future events. It’s not “just facts”. So each “expert” has their own spin. Dr.Osterholm has been predicting doom since January 2020 whereas Dr.Gottlieb has always had a more nuanced interpretation.
  9. Look at the bright side, maybe if you don’t get a vaccine, Google will stop sending you travel ads!
  10. Apparently we’ve got warehouses full of Astra Zeneca vaccine that likely won’t be used in this country?
  11. If people don’t want to get vaccinated they will eventually get the virus. And they will get some level of immunity that way instead. I’m pretty sure all the evidence shows that the numbers of hospitalized under 65s will be substantially less than the older folks. Not zero, of course. But enough to keep society hostage on “lockdown” because of irresponsible people? Lets hope not! Lets get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can and get back to doing the things we love with the (vaccinated) people we love. Not today but soon. I’m not going to worry about or put my family’s life on hold
  12. If you have close to 100% vaccination of the vulnerable(elderly and co morbid conditions) hospitalizations and deaths will decline dramatically. That’s what’s important. Nobody will be terribly concerned if there are a huge number of mild cases. Except epidemiologists.
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