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  1. I really don’t get the repeat PCR testing. You can be positive for weeks and it has nothing to do with being sick or contagious. Especially if you’re vaccinated. But we’ll just have to deal with these arbitrary rules, I guess.
  2. With the strong demand, I wonder how far out the cruise lines are limiting capacity. We have two cruises booked for 2022.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/01/cruise-operator-carnivals-units-cancel-australian-voyages-through-mid-december.html?__source=iosappshare|com.apple.UIKit.activity.Message
  4. Read this morning on “the Points Guy” that Bali is closing again. Confirming my decision about canceling an Australian and Asian cruise for early next year.
  5. Parts of Australia are locking down again so highly unlikely they will re open any time soon. With a slow vaccine roll out and almost zero natural immunity, they are trapped for quite a while yet. We will be rescheduling our February 2022 Sydney to Yokohama cruise.
  6. Terry, we are booked Sydney to Yokohama February 2022. Almost guaranteed not to sail as consensus seems to be no Australian cruises 2021-22. Seaborne canceled their Australia and Asia cruises yesterday apparently. Looking at options and South America is available at that time. Chile seems to have done a great job with their vaccination roll out but I am very doubtful about Peru and Argentina. The Falkland Islands are very restrictive to cruises. No easy options these days!
  7. Testing large numbers of asymptomatic vaccinated passengers was bound to result in positive tests. Totally predictable.
  8. Vaccination and natural immunity acquired from infection will eventually produce functional community immunity. Covid won’t disappear completely but hospitalization and death will become much less common. Boosters including variants of concern may be recommended at some point but the human immune system is an amazing thing with a long memory. I’m happy to get a booster or upgrade anytime if it means a return to travel and normal life.
  9. Dr. Fauci, quoted in the Washington Post: “The breakthrough infection number (for vaccinated people) is not particularly relevant...if you do get a breakthrough infection, it is very likely that you will be without symptoms, and it is unlikely that you will transfer it to anybody else...Follow the number of hospitalizations...That might actually turn out to be the most reliable, followable parameter.” Remember him?
  10. “The perfect storm”?...I thought we just had that? Are you seriously predicting that things are going to be worse than what we just got through?
  11. Cases. Are we really going to continue counting cases if people are not hospitalized or dying?
  12. Finally! PCR testing of asymptomatic vaccinated passengers would cause endless problems.
  13. And the medical science says that outdoor activities are safe. And schools are safe. And vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks. But some people only like science when it supports their biases. And their anxiety.
  14. Have you read The NY Times interviews with epidemiologists that they have conducted over the last year? They are one frightened group of people! The world would never get back to normal if it was left up to them.
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/05/13/world/covid-vaccine-coronavirus-cases as expected. The vaccine works.
  16. https://thepointsguy.com/news/australia-wont-reopen-2022/ Not the news I was looking for, but not surprised. We are booked on the Muse February 2002 from Sydney.
  17. There are many, many follow up studies ongoing all around the world. Just like the initial clinical trials. The snippets I have read have mostly been positive and so don’t make the nightly news. There are already booster trials and studies in infants. The problem with PCR tests is their incredible sensitivity. They detect minute amounts of genetic material and do not determine whether a person is sick, will become sick, or is contagious. Questionable role for testing in a fully vaccinated asymptomatic person. PCR testing will inevitably lead to problems if that’s what cruise lines are planning.
  18. All the talk of continued restrictions and variants and boosters just feeds the anti vaxx attitude. The variants have mostly responded to current vaccines. If they do escape, vaccines can be modified relatively easily. Viruses always continue to mutate but often at the expense of their function or other survival advantages. The real numbers to watch are hospitalizations and deaths. They are coming down nicely in many parts of the USA. Give it another month and keep getting people vaccinated.
  19. But we know the gene sequence of new variants very quickly. Updates to mRNA vaccines can be produced within weeks. As long as people are willing to get boosters, it shouldn’t be a problem. But hey, we can just lockdown forever instead!
  20. Under 500 in the US today. Sunday, I know , but heading in the right direction. On schedule for community immunity...end of May?
  21. We’ll see but Neanderthals doing OK right now.
  22. NEJM article today...JNJ single dose vaccine 85% effective against severe/critical disease after 28 days. Including South African and Brazilian variants. Surely there must be some negative spin on this. Debbie?
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