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  1. Hi, there is a roll call but unfortunately there is no action. Hopefully the ship will be different. :) There are 9 newbies (4 adults/5 teens) sailing on 8/3 and are excited too! Are they sailing 8/3?
  2. I'm reading most people are not happy with the Garden Café, saying the layout is poor and the food is just ok. Just curious, what did you like about it?
  3. I think I responded to the wrong post :) Others misunderstood and thought I wanted to have full on conversations through texting while I'm on vacation. That's just crazy talk!
  4. We're not looking to have conversations on board, just a quick text to say meet here or there. With our teens who don't show up at our designated meeting time/place, we want to be able to text them to show up!
  5. More great info, thanks so much! We are all looking forward to our experience on the Dawn.
  6. That would work for the adults. We have five teens who we want to be able to communicate with more efficiently.
  7. Let me know when you post on youtube, I'd be interested to see and hear more of your observations! My friends are booked in rooms 10595 and 10592, if you get a chance could you let us know if they have decent views? I know your room is somewhat close to theirs, so they are hoping for an amazing view like yours. Haunt those Gem forums, you have done a great job in the Dawn forum!
  8. There's no or for me , I'll be sharing the cabin with my 17 year old son. In your experience with booking the cheaper cabins, do they tend to put you on the lower decks? If so, how is the dungeon?
  9. I bid low too, so I'm guessing I'll be getting a better luck next time email as well. Either way, I'm fine with my "cheap" cabin, as I would hope I'm in it only to sleep.
  10. I booked the Sail Away too (the cheapest), within a few days I received an email to bid on an upgrade for either a balcony or oceanview stateroom. Did you ever receive an upgrade? If so, when were you notified?
  11. This is the info I received right now if you wish to use the NCL app onboard. You can use the app for free to keep track of your onboard spending, view daily activities, book dining reservations, etc. However, if you wish to text/chat with others onboard there is a $10.00 activation charge per phone for the entire cruise. Hope this helps :)
  12. They certainly don't want or need my cabin, it's the IX, the most expensive. :)
  13. I have bid on an upgrade for the 8/3 cruise. Is it just a random selection?
  14. Amy, this is so great. Thank you for all this information! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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