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  1. My April 12th cruise was cancelled, applied for refund April 13th. Full refund posted to my card this morning.
  2. For those that recently received refunds, were those for cruises NCL cancelled, and you requested the refund by filling out the online request form?
  3. Why would they give us the option for a refund, and then turn around and say they’re not going to pay it because Covid is an act of god? Something isn’t adding up here.
  4. For these that keep saying “you agreed to wait 90 days when you asked for a refund”, unless I missed something, I wasn’t told it would be a 90 day wait until AFTER I requested the refund. That’s when I received the email telling me to wait 90 days.
  5. Sure, but that goes without saying. I could've clarified and said “provided NCL does their job properly, there is no chance for double dipping”. If someone intentionally tried it, and got away with it, that would actually be grounds for a fraud case. However, I’m referring to the OP’s situation and have no reason to believe that’s their intent.
  6. Your “fraud” argument has been debunked, so now you’re going to grasp at straws and suggest that a FCC is the same thing is a cash refund? They’re not even remotely the same thing, and if they were, NCL wouldn’t give the option for one or the other. There’s no way a credit card company would side with NCL because they issued a FCC for a cruise that didn’t take place. There’s no chance of “double dipping”. Once the chargeback is complete, NCL will remove the FCC, just like they are with people who requested refunds in lieu of the FCC. No cruises will be running before the chargeback process is
  7. It depends on if you choose to take NCL’s wording literally or not. They said we’d “receive a refund 90 days after” they receive our refund request form. It did not say “within” 90 days. I agree, it would be odd to issue them all at once, but if you go by their own wording, that is what would happen.
  8. I didn’t suggest that NCL would win. All I was saying is that typically if you file a dispute and have funds credited back to you the next day, it’s usually a temporary credit that is subject to being taken back upon investigation. For the record, I agree with you in that NCL doesn’t have much footing to stand on to fight this.
  9. Careful with this. What you got was a temporary credit while your credit card company investigates. If upon investigation they side with NCL, they’ll pull that credit back out. Don’t assume that you’re home free and spend that money until you hear back from your credit card company that you’ve won the dispute.
  10. It would be interesting to know what order they plan to use to issue refunds. Is it first come first serve based on when the form was submitted? Is it based on your sail date? Either way, i was set to sail April 12th which was the 1st cancellation date on the 2nd round of cancellations. I also filled out the form within 30 minutes of it up and working properly. I would think I’d be one of the first to see a refund. However, if you read the letter NCL sent out, and take it literally, than I won’t see a refund until 90 days from when the form was submitted. If that’s the case, and a bunch of us
  11. If this is the case, and they’re processing refunds daily, than we should see stories on here of people receiving refunds in the near future. If we don’t, than it’s safe to assume that NCL is just sitting on the money as long as possible.
  12. What’s happening is people who have direct deposit info on file with the IRS are seeing stimulus checks deposited as recently as this week. People with no info on file with the IRS will receive a paper check, and those will be dispersed at a later date and will be mailed out based on income tiers, with lower income people seeing checks before higher earners.
  13. People who are defending this delay as no big deal are also not taking into account the risk of NCL going bankrupt. With each passing day of no incoming revenue, the risk increases exponentially. The sooner we receive refunds, the better. The longer this goes on, the greater the risk that we never see a dime. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest we requested a refund, that we receive the refund as soon as possible.
  14. I don’t understand this line of thinking. What someone spends their money on is irrelevant when it comes to a refund. Here are the 2 points that should be considered when it comes to a refund: 1) did I pay for a good or service? In this case, yes I did. 2) did I receive the good or service I paid for? In this case, no I did not. It was cancelled. If the answer to question 1 is “yes” and the answer to question 2 is “no” than nothing else needs to be discussed and I should receive a timely refund. It’s not up to you, or anyone else to make judgement calls based on whether or not the purchase was
  15. This must be for a deposit? You can’t opt for a refund if you cancel. You can only opt a full refund if NCL cancels. It doesn’t sound like yours is an apples to apples comparison.
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