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  1. That was our original idea, but then we ran afoul of some odd princess software logic. My inlaws do not live in the same town... when we originally had one of our kids listed in their cabin we could not make any ez air travel plans because their software saw my under-age child as traveling alone (the booking from that perspective was my inlaws traveling from one town and my child traveling alone from a different town). After much "can I speak with a supervisor" kind of calls, we either had to move my wife into their cabin so it sees her as an adult traveling by herself OR book without ez air...but for us we saved hundreds per person with ez air.
  2. my inlaws did get the club class, but I do understand that doesn't include every perk the suite includes. I guess if the noise of the pool area above the Riviera deck suites isn't an issue, we'll move if we're presented the option but it sounds like we'd be fine in the 3-person also if we don't make it off the wait list. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hello...my family (me, wife, 2 kids) are traveling with my inlaws on the emerald soon. When we booked, we could only get a 3-person suite for us and a mini-suite for my inlaws. So technically, my wife is listed in my inlaws mini suite and it's me and the kids in our 3-person suite. Obviously we'd like to all be together and the suite can clearly handle 4 people. My question is will the room steward really care if my wife stays with us? Cant see how anyone else would know. Would they really say something to us about that? (This is actually our first cruise...) We are on the wait list for a 4-person suite, but those appear to all be on the Riviera deck and I'm worried about the noise from lido not to mention the smaller balconies. Would there be any other issues? Thanks for your time!
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