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  1. If you choose to load this credit on your card to play slots/video poker and you do not play through the entire promotional credit, it will remain on your card and you should be able to transfer it to another machine. The cash out button will give you a slip for any "winnings" but not the promotional credit. If you choose to use the credit for table games, go to the casino cage and ask for your credit as promotional chips. You can keep these chips until the last night of your cruise if you wish (good luck with the high minimum bets) and use them as you wish. You have to "lose" these chips a
  2. Was on the Infinity last month. People were smoking on the Port side of the pool deck.
  3. I don't think I can answer this question very well because I haven't been on edge class.. but I'll try. On my cruise on the Infinity we talked with the sommelier every night and he was able to recommend wines based on your meal, or pick certain wines if you specified a grape variety. He did bring us wines that weren't listed as available by the glass. Exampes were a Sauv Blanc from Sonoma, Matua Pinot Noir, a nice grenache (I forget the origin). So talk with the sommelier and they should be able to help you out. Tell them your tastes and that you have the premium package. They likely won'
  4. Yes it's a 20% discount with the premium package
  5. I found this Wine List for the Edge class ships late last year. I'd say it's reasonably accurate. 2124474641_MDRWineList.pdf
  6. Tito's is a bit too sharp tasting for me. I mostly drink vodka in dirty martinis and white russians, but I'll drink Ketel One on the rocks with lime. They supposedly carry Reyka on board, I'd look for it at the martini bar. Cheers!
  7. As a vodka drinker I can comment: Tito's is popular because it's pretty good for cheap vodka, and by cheap I mean a tier above Smirnoff. It's probably popular on Celebrity because it's arguably the best unflavored vodka on the Classic package (Though Absolut is good also) It's also American made if that means anything... I highly prefer Ketel One to Tito's as well as just about every other vodka on the Premium list, but taste is subjective.
  8. Another tip: The Taylor Fladgate 10 year tawny port is FANTASTIC! I couldn't believe how complex it was. The nose was of powerful dried fruit and chocolate. It's not a sweet port, it's on the dry side for the style. At $9 it was even available in the classic package. One night they ran out and I could only find it in the MDR. They have a 20 year port at $16 a glass which I regrettably did not get to try, maybe next time. This by far was my favorite drink of the cruise. A close runner up was a Bombay Sapphire negroni.
  9. The Martini bar on the Infinity is the "best" bar for fancy mixed drinks, but they are STRONG! They use 4 shots per drink or something crazy. You can ask them to substitute a different premium alcohol if you want (Chopin instead of Grey Goose etc)
  10. I made a crude spreadsheet with the drink options and cost per bottle (based on cost at a Total Wine store). It's not perfect but it's a start. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZE7XO8wsvvIHHmWWgSx9qZ_he9EgiZyQDi165PLtTto/edit?usp=sharing I agree with most of the above comments. Zacapa 23 for rum (they always had this at the casino bar on the Infinity, ask for a Zacapa lime daquiri!). They did not always have Zacapa at the bars, Bacardi 8 was a good substitute. Bacardi Oakheart is actually pretty cheap but it's a tasty spiced rum. Bombay Sapphire/ Tanqueray 10, or Hend
  11. This also works for other travel websites. I booked on Expedia because of extra cash back and on-board credit. As soon as I cancelled the courtesy hold that cabin popped up on Expedia and I was able to complete the booking.
  12. No problem here, try clearing your cached data & cookies.
  13. No problem! It took me a while to figure this out when I was booking my cruise last December. And yes I probably did abuse this system but whatever..
  14. Just get to the end of booking, then click on the celebrity logo on the top left of the page. It will ask if you want a courtesy hold or if you want to exit the page. I think they hide this option so people don't abuse it.
  15. I saw Aperol on the Infinity (noticed it in the casino bar). I'm sure an Aperol spritz would be covered with the premium package. I don't, however, see Aperol listed on the celebrity drink package list https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Celebrity-Cruises-Beverage-Packages.pdf so your experience may vary. Yes they do. As well as Tanqueray 10 and Hendricks and some other good gins.
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