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  1. It keeps telling me the server is timing out. So I guess we wait it out :)
  2. “And why the heck does anyone need to bring on that much soda, water, etc. You can bring it on any port.” As I stated in my comment, my dear husband drinks 5-8 cans/day. Our first port is 3 days in...so I need at least 24 cans for him alone. I also enjoy a can of soda in the morning. We would have very little use for the amount of wine you carry on...so let’s just agree to disagree on our beverage choice and quantity.
  3. Yes, we are in a family cabin on the NS. (Kids ages 14, 11 and 5) We should all fit 😉 Thanks for the suggestions about San Juan, but we are doing the HMC, Jamaica, Cayman, Cozumel. I’ve also been thinking about pre purchasing some of the drink debit cards for later in our trip.
  4. I am also trying to figure out a good way to bring on soda for our cruise. My husband is a soda addict (5-8 cans/day) but l really don’t want to buy the drink package (even the soda one) for all 5 members of our family staying in our cabin. My current plan is to buy (on Amazon) a light weight dolly (4lbs) that folds up and bring it with us on our flight packed in a suitcase. Then hit a store in Ft. Lauderdale and get a few 24 packs to try and make it through the week. My only concern is if the hotel shuttle will balk at this for our morning transfer. (Folding hand truck 4 wheel, 165
  5. Thank you both for your information! You are most helpful!
  6. I have looked at the website several times trying to get an idea of what to expect for my children...and I'm not seeing it. Can anyone tell me about what sorts of activities they host or any special events/activities that I could plan for ahead of time? (For example if they have a theme party or tye dying where we can bring a shirt or hat or something?) What are other people's experiences with club HAL? We will be cruising 12/9/19 Caribbean on the Nieuw Statendam. (kids are boys age 14, 11, and 5)
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