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  1. That's why I asked if it's in a bar. I'm not trying to get my 15 year old daughter into a bar. Nor am I trying to have her hang out with adults. Was just thinking she'd be more comfortable if she could meet some gay teens as she's pretty shy and takes awhile to come out of her shell. She feels more comfortable around her gay friends and I want her to have a good time. 🙄 These message boards are so unfriendly lately.
  2. Do teens typically attend the LGBTQ get togethers on Carnival or are they always in bars? My daughter is really reluctant to join us on our next cruise. She'll be 15 at the time and things have been awkward for her lately. I thought if we could find some like minded teens on the ship, she might come out of her shell more.
  3. Is it at all possible to just ask a question and get an answer without a bunch of unasked for opinions? When I used to cruise more frequently, I used to use this forum all the time and don't remember being this uncomfortable. I have to say, I am so unimpressed that a simple question about the availability of something onboard could cause people to start calling each other cheap. I will continue to read topics on this board, but I will never post another question again. To those of you who simply answered the question that I asked, thank you very much. It is very appreciated.
  4. Good morning. My husband and I are sailing on the Panorama August 15th. We are primarily water and unsweetened iced tea drinkers. It's been many years since I last cruised and when I did, I was a heavy soda drinker. We plan on ordering bottled water for our cabin. My question is this, if I don't carry bottled water around the ship with me, can I order a glass of water at any bar? I feel like when I cruised previously you probably had to purchase bottled water everywhere. I know I can obviously order water or tea at dinner, but what about at the buffet?
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