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  1. My parents had this happen on their Alaskan cruise on Viking this past July. The offer they received to push their cruise back a year was VERY generous, but at 70/78 they opted to decline after some serious deliberation - both are in excellent health but felt you never know what the next year will bring, especially when they’ve got other places they want to go. Turns out they should have taken it because the majority of their cruise was low cloud cover. 🤣
  2. Following as we will be on the NYE 2021 cruise 😁
  3. Maybe I should have toyed with the planner before posting this question, lol. It looks like I have to purchase for him upfront and difference between adult meal and cover (applicable for ages 6-12) would be refunded via refundable OBC. But if he’s eating like an adult, and I’ve already paid for him as an adult, then I’ll leave it as is. I was initially reading it as though I was not supposed to purchase UDP for any “child.” Now to wait for the price to drop 😉
  4. I’m toying with this idea (have a year to decide and also hoping for Black Friday deals) for our Anthem cruise next December. Kids will be 12 and 14. I have no issues paying adult price for either kid as both have extensive palates and both (boys) can eat like adults, especially on vacation. I guess my 12-yr-old would only be $10/meal? Score! However, fine print says children have to order from the kids menu... is this always the case? Again, kid can eat more than me at times and certainly enjoys his fine dining. 😉
  5. Can you purchase multiple single device packages or once you want more than one are you roped into a multi device one (at a higher per unit price)?
  6. I had a towel attendant tell me mid-cruise that I still had a towel outstanding when I turned in my towels at the end of the day. I just went through and detailed every in/out I had made and he reversed on his end then and there. There was zero doubt that I had turned in all my towels. Since I get 2 out at a time, I figure it was a mis-scan upon one of the returns (most likely when I was returning towels at the dock before getting on the ship in Cozumel).
  7. Yikes! Makes the $59 on my Anthem NYE 2020/1 look like a hell of a deal. Fortunately, I was able to snag the $18 deal.
  8. Our assistant waiter handled our drinks and we ordered right when we sat down. Our 6-top generally had our beverages by the time the first course was cleared and we typically had time for a 2nd round.
  9. We’re at Coco Cay on NYE 2020 (Anthem). Beach Club just dropped into my planner this past week or so. I’ve booked day passes at $49/$69 (and have already told our kids to eat alllll the lobster). Cabanas are priced at $1,199/$1,499. Needless to say, I’m passing on that.
  10. I *believe* they have both on both levels. I was on Majesty in July and had late seating in MDR on level 4. I know there were MTD folks in there with us, based on conversations we had with other passengers and then seeing them in the dining room (beauty of a small ship, you definitely feel like you get to know your fellow cruisers, lol).
  11. My husband overnights at the Sheraton Old San Juan (meaning I’ve never stayed there) and he’s sent me pics where docked cruise ships are *right* there. However, that may be for ships that are just there for the day and not actually starting in San Juan. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sjuol-sheraton-old-san-juan-hotel/ We had a lovely stay at the Intercontinental when we cruised out of San Juan a few years ago.
  12. For that long of a cruise and that many days at seas, I would say not good for teens. I was on Majesty this summer for a girls trip and had a wonderful time - it was a great ship to relax, have a few drinks and lounge around. As much as I loved it and her crew, I even told my girlfriend that it was not a ship I would bring my tween/teens on.
  13. We’ve got 10510 on Anthem for a 2020 sailing. It is forward starboard side. My understanding, based on pics and posts I’ve found online, is that it has a giant pole in it. I also understand that you generally feel a lot more movement when you’re forward.
  14. You’ve been a lurker on this board for 17 years and this is how you choose to crawl out of the woodwork? Klassy. Have some one compassion and, if you really can’t handle the inconvenience of a non-pristine beach after a cat 5 hurricane stalled over a region for 48 hours, then save everyone the headache and stay on the boat. Talk about first world problems.
  15. They do, but the price jump floored me. Maybe I should have pulled the trigger earlier this week, lol. But there’s only 3 of us and our entire family has been scarred by a trip to GWL gone bad. We’ll still probably stick with the free stuff. 🙂
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