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  1. We moved our NYE 2020 to Christmas Eve 2021. Bummed for several reasons but it seemed like the most prudent decision.
  2. Our son won a RC beach towel playing Bingo in the kids club, lol. Not Royal, but hubby and I won $750 playing bingo on our honeymoon cruise in 2003. Not only was it a lot of money for a couple of broke 20-somethings, bingo was a heck of a lot cheaper to play back then!
  3. In case you weren’t already aware, Ohio has issued a travel advisory and FL is on the list of states where a 14-day self-quarantine has been requested (not required... yet).
  4. This is why I went ahead and L&S our NYE cruise. Thought about just waiting for them to cancel but then decided I didn’t want to make final payment and then deal with cancellation 3 months later. Hopefully Dec 2021 is a safe(r) bet, lol.
  5. One word.... Bingo. It used to to be cheap - and fun - entertainment. Heck, hubby and I won $750 on our honeymoon cruise back in 2003. It’s not either of those anymore.
  6. I wonder if a massive wave of refunds went out this week (sounds like people who canceled months ago are now getting cash at the same time those who canceled weeks ago did) because it’s the beginning of a new fiscal quarter? 🤔 Gotta preserve that balance sheet at quarter-end and this is the first full quarter experienced across the industry since the shut down began.
  7. Lifted/shifted 6/23 (planner items automatically canceled). Refunds posted to my CC today, 7/6, and were dated 7/1.
  8. A lot more vacations like this - we drove cross country and are spending a week socially distancing on horseback.
  9. My fare is less for 7-night, so while I was “price protected” against a higher fare, I’m still paying about the same price per night as I was for the 8-night. It is a bummer to lose a night but at least I’m more confident the Dec 2021 sailing will go.
  10. My kids and I were supposed to be on the NYE cruise on Anthem this year (so the week following yours, I think?). Anyway, the online form told me Enchantment was my only option. I contacted my TA and she was able to get an exception from Royal to get us on the 7-night Anthem cruise on 12/24. We’re even in our same cabin. Strangely enough, the 9-night Western Caribbean was given to her an an option - without having to ask for any special exceptions - over the phone but it sails on 12/31 and wouldn’t have worked with the kids’ school calendar.
  11. Smoke and mirrors? Nah, not really. My husband is a pilot. I’ve been telling wives in various FB groups that just because flights are starting to fill back up - and will continue to do so, even as schedules ramp up - it does not mean everyone should be surprised when quarterly revenues are still in the toilet. Heck, I took our spring break airfare and used it for Thanksgiving - so while we are occupying seats, it’s still $3k we didn’t spend on airfare this year. I don’t expect to see revenue uptick (and I’m not even talking full recovery) in the travel industry for another year or on
  12. Yes, as mentioned, you can exit out at any point. FWIW, my TA was able to L&S me to a sailing that was not given as an option on the online tool. We were booked for 8-night NYE on Anthem and the only options the site gave me were the 8-nights on Enchantment. Instead, we shifted to the 7-night Christmas 2021 cruise on Anthem. We were even able to secure our same cabin.
  13. I tried the form online for funsies and will still be using my TA to L&S, should I choose to go that route. The only options I was given online for my “holiday” 8-night on Anthem were for 8-night itineraries on Enchantment. No thank you. My TA was told by Royal that I could L&S to 9-night on Anthem next NYE (???) but I’m hoping they’ll let me switch to the 7-night the week prior. If not, we’ll just wait for the inevitable cancellation of our 2020 cruise and take the refund.
  14. How long did it take for Viking to refund your money? My parents had their April Netherlands tulip cruise cancel the first week of March and they’re scheduled to take a Panama Canal transit cruise this coming December (booked late 2019). They were told it would be up to 60 days to get their funds returned and they’ve decided that if they don’t have them before final payment for the December cruise is due, they will be canceling that one as well.
  15. Have an Anthem NYE cruise booked, we’ve (not surprisingly) not made any changes to those plans. My bestie and I were kicking around the idea of going on a Canada/NE cruise on Grandeur in Sept. Hadn’t booked yet because she’s trying to conceive so we had to wait and see if/when she got knocked up before the cutoff to cruise. Not sure if we’ll explore this option in 2020 anymore.
  16. Um, people aren’t exactly “crammed together” on most flights of late. My husband had 5 other people on his flight from NYC on Monday. Friday there were 124 open seats when he flew down to Orlando. Now the dumbass who flew from FL to NY and back to FL while suspecting and then knowing he had CV.... that’s a different story.
  17. I haven’t flown, but my husband is a pilot for an airline that flies primarily from the east coast down to FL and the Caribbean. They’ve made a 5% “cut,” meaning routes are being consolidated and in some cases are swapping to smaller planes (ie 100 or 150 seats versus 162). I would be prepared for flights to be more full as similar moves are made industry-wide. Business travel is being impacted more, as companies are communicating travel restrictions, than leisure.
  18. Price isn’t based on ship (since you quote Oasis specifically), it’s a basic supply and demand numbers game. Suggest you just watch the price in your cruise planner and purchase at a price you are comfortable paying. For the record, I purchased for our Anthem cruise in December at $65. Last week it jumped to $199 and I suspect it will stay there indefinitely.
  19. Any concessions for airfare/change fees? Sorry your trip was canceled, but I’m not surprised. 😞
  20. No, the OP stated that they lived in Asia and had spent time over the weekend with someone who had transited through HK (friend doesn’t even live there!) OP did the right/honorable thing and self-reported, even though the coronavirus risk for them is very slim. OP - Bravo to you for being upfront with the cruise line. Be the squeaky wheel and hopefully RCI will change its stance on type of refund issued. What are other cruise lines doing with regards to refund policy for coronavirus? May be worth researching.... Royal was extremely generous this past summer with its Cuba cruises (I w
  21. Someone can absolutely tell me I’m wrong, but I’m going to say doubtful. My husband watched a launch several years ago from a home on Merritt Island (less than 10 mi, directly across the lagoon) and I was shocked at how small it looked. He had driven over from MCO because he knew he wouldn’t be able to see it from there.
  22. I booked for Anthem NYE at $69/$49 back in Oct. It’s now $199/$179. Honestly, it took them about 72 hours longer than I expected to jack up the price. 😉
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