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  1. When things are normal we are making a habit of doing a Canaries cruise late November early December have been fortunate enough not to have any bad experiences in that area this has been on Arcadia or Ventura, we have been in 10 metre seas off Iceland in Arcadia and that coped very well. We are off to Bilbao with Brittany Ferries this weekend from Portsmouth, often do that April and October and again not had a bad crossing, it's all a matter of luck so we wish you good luck!
  2. The following pages are also from the Oriana programme, nothing to do with the ship directly but a nice snippet of history of P&Os connection with the Royals (Rainy day reading perhaps) I had promised to find something positive to post next after whinging on about lack of my refund for over 100 days, am I forgiven now?
  3. You are very welcome, nice to share something like this. Holidays are great for unique memories, I don't recall ever seeing more than a dozen or so Ladybirds together, that must have been quite odd! I hope we all get to cruise again in the near future.
  4. Morning All My first contact with P&O was when I was asked to volunteer for security duties at the Oriana naming ceremony in Southampton in 1995, I was about 4 years into service as a Special Constable in Southampton and still keen on volunteering for everything, little did I know that years later my first cruising experience would be onboard Oriana with my wife, her brother and his wife, we loved it and have had many great cruises since, they weren't so keen and haven't been back. This morning I came across the naming ceremony programme, long since forgotten in the bottom of a b
  5. I stopped off at the Motorway services this morning for fuel, and whilst I didn't need to go into the shop as I have an APP on the phone for paying, I noticed that everyone coming in and out of the shop were wearing a mask but the staff were not, OK for those behind the counter with a screen but how about the one re-stacking shelves? In our business we don't rely on walk in trade so have kept our front door locked since this started, would I open the door now if people were wearing a mask? No is the answer, you can't rely on everyone working to the same aim.
  6. Agreed, done many tours and now we tend to do our own thing, waiting until the first rush is over then looking around places with easy to walk around places like Lisbon, Bergen, Stavanger & Alesund anywhere else we tend to find a marina view bar or cafe if possible and people watch, don't think we would want to cruise to nowhere, but never say never!
  7. 51 Days and happy! Remember the old normal? When we would be chasing after a week! Anyway, happy for you.
  8. Nice to see a few more refunds received posts, keep chasing them!
  9. £105 Court Fee just received from P&O, that's me fully paid up and happy Once again, shame it had to go this way but for all of you still sat on the fence waiting for your refund, serve them 14 days notice of intention to recover through the courts, then at least you know how long you have to wait. Thanks everyone for your support, I will try to post more positive items from now on!
  10. Morning, today I am preparing to resign from the 100+ club! Balance of cruise payment arrived back on my card today, just the court fee to come now. All that pain at being fobbed off then resolved within a few days - Totally unnecessary, I hope they learn better communication skills soon. Almost smiling! Hope this thread soon fades away and everyone else is paid promptly.
  11. Deposit just appeared back in the account via my debit card. Two more payments to come but at least it's started - 109 days!
  12. Thanks Graham, yes how odd that they take a week to respond to an email but when I answered the chap in Legal he again replied within minutes!
  13. Thanks Viv, somewhat behind your April 7th success!
  14. Following a HM Courts & Tribunals Service Claim - It's not over until the cash arrives though! Just had a very pleasant email from Carnival's legal department informing me, that following my court claim submitted yesterday the Finance department have refunded my original payment cards for the full amount and that on providing my bank details they will also pay the court fee by BACS transfer, which I have since provided and they have further responded to. I find the whole route to getting here unnecessary but they have dealt with the claim quickly and so far without
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