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  1. Since people asked....I got my first Moderna shot on Saturday. It was an absolute breeze!! I did have the tiniest amount of arm soreness...but at my age..i kinda always have that! haha. If i didnt know i had gotten the vaccine, i would not have thought at all about the arm soreness. I had a friend who also got the moderna Saturday (and she is VERY sensitive). She had some arm soreness that she equated to "a few midgets punching your arm" Certainly nothing we could not handle...and happy to have round one over!! Good Luck everyone 🙂
  2. All i know is that my appointment times open on 3-22 @ 8:00 a.m. for my vaccination. I fully plan on being on the phone at 7:59 to book the first available slot. I should be fully vaccinated by mid-May...depending on the first time available to me. I can imagine at LEAST 90% of the population will get the vaccination...and perhaps that will be mandatory to go on a cruise? I sure cant see this being an issue 15 months from now....pending mutation of course... Still hopeful!!!
  3. lol!! i guess freezing cold and snowy is nice...but not for 5 months a year 😉 I am also eyeing baltimore in September...just cause its so so cheap...but not sure yet 🙂
  4. So as we are experiencing what might be the first nice day in Connecticut this year (almost 60deg) I couldnt stand it anymore. Carnival Magic...out of new york...7-6-2022.....not sure how i can POSSIBLY wait that long, but its what i gotta do 🙂 I expect everything virus related to be long over by then, and i really hope cruising is "normal" again. They cancelled the one i had booked for this July, so i took advantage of the $600 onboard credit with the rebook deal.... Fingers are crossed 🙂
  5. Hey Gang, Quick question for any of you that have left from New York. I am going with my parents (both 80) and i was wondering about embarkation and debarkation. I was eyeing the priority check in ($179 per cabin) Has anyone done this? Did it significantly speed up your time waiting? Is it needed? We will be there early for sure as we are close to NY...so i dont know if i need it but....just wanted to ask 🙂 Thanks!
  6. I am going on the 4-5 cruise. Reason? Its my nephew's Spring break 🙂
  7. wow....thats is a great list...ty so much! i just wonder if they will be discounted the first day 🙂 thanks!!
  8. awesome! great start...ty!! Does anyone know if they still offer "deals" the first day onboard? 🙂
  9. Hey gang, I have a question 🙂 We are going on the Bliss in April, and i thought it would be a cool idea to get my mom the gift of a Spa "something". I say something cause i dont know if i would get her a massage plus other things or hot stones or facial, or whatever. I thought i would give it to her at Christmas, cause that would eliminate one gift to buy (for the woman who needs nothing! hahah) I guess my questions are: Does anyone have a copy of the Spa offerings and prices? Also, i remember from past cruises that they offer great Spa deals on the first day of the cruise, to book things up. Would i be better off waiting till Im onboard to buy it? I can give her a picture of it...or a giftcard or something, if i can get more for the money once im on board. Any thoughts?
  10. Exactly! This is the point of my rant. He is not asking whether or not smoking is good for you, or whether you think it should be allowed, or whether you agree with vapes being the same, or blah blah. He is asking would you pay for it if it was allowed. My comment was to drive home the fact that no one is asking for your opinion on smoking. He came here and asked a legit question, and got 57 replies about peoples opinions on smoking/second hand smoke, and whatever else. He was asking people would they pay for it, thats all...not your opinions about is smoking healthy to you or others around you.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me how self-entitled and self-righteous people are, especially when it comes to smoking. These are probably the same people who want their kids to get “participation awards”..bahaha. Grow up people, there is a world around you and more people in that world than just yourself. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but the world DOES NOT revolve around you and your “I’m better than everyone else” opinions. The OP did not say anything about offending your delicate nasal passages with second hand smoke. He simply asked if there was a pay area, would you use it/pay for it. I would like to assume he meant a well ventilated pay area that would not be a bother to other passengers, hence the “dedicated only to smokers” comment. I for one have grown tired of the flaming and holier than thou comments from nonsmokers. Answer the question and keep your negative comments to yourselves. No one asked you for them. What if someone asked a buffet question and I were to say…”OMG..no way they should have a buffet! 20% of Americans have high BP, and 15% of Americans have diabetes, and 60% are considered obese…..damn I hate fat people…they should get rid of all buffets on cruise ships!! “ Just shut up with your inane self-righteous criticisms and answer the questions and be helpful…no one needs your criticism. And yes, I would use the room for a nice after dinner cigar and cognac….if the mood struck me 😊
  12. Bummer! LOL !! And thanks....120 days out is soon approaching 🙂
  13. Hi Gang, I thought I had seen the menu's for the bliss MDR before, but for the life of me I cant find them. Does anyone have copies or can direct me with a link, to see the MDR menus for the BLISS? Preferable our of New York if we have them. I really only need the dinner ones, as I just want to see what nights to book the "specialty" restaurants 😉 Also, how long in advance of a cruise can you book the specialty restaurants? Is it 90 days? Thanks!!!!!!
  14. Geez...some of you sound like so much fun....i hope your on my cruise.....not! 😂 I asked a simple question...for someone i am traveling with...who likes cigars. Anyway, if no one smokes anymore, i invite you to the casino...where we can wager on if there will be smokers...then i will finally win in the casino, cause for sure i win that bet. So hush on that silly opinion. And burn the ship down? Geez...isnt that a bit dramatic...only carnival has ever had a fire, and it wasnt due to smoking...so...i highly doubt that will happen. i kinda think that comment shows us who the stupid people are 😉 I was merely wondering how strictly it is enforced...no need for other inane comments...i get dumber reading them thanks!
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