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  1. I found the library while exploring in the middle of the night one night pushing my 8 month old son in the stroller to get him to sleep, doors were unlocked at that time, pretty decent place but virtually no books available.
  2. Have been on both ships and you really can't go wrong with either. They are my two favorite Carnival ships at this point. It's hard to compare the entertainment as you can never really tell who will be on the ship at what time as far as comedians and things like that go.
  3. I too didn't see much of Josh but was not overly impressed, my wife and I both felt he was our worst CD so far (I have 4 cruises, she has 5). There was nothing wrong with him, just didn't catch my fancy like the others we have had.
  4. We were on Inspiration this January for the Hudson River plane landing. It really dominated the news the last half of the cruise.
  5. We were on the Valor last year and the games were indeed televised. You will be able to see them in your cabin as CBS is pretty much always available, the sports bar and possibly on the lido deck on the big screen.
  6. It was JD McCollom...pretty funny guy, I enjoyed his show.
  7. The weather was not really good at all on our January cruise and we still had a great time! It's a vacation, a cruise vacation on top of that, how can it not be great?!
  8. The blind structure was very aggressive, the tournaments take around an hour and a half.
  9. I played in a tournament on the PokerPro while on the Inspiration. Buy in was $60. There were 10 players, first place paid $350, second $250. They had two tournaments while on board, one each sea day morning. I believe they had at least one tournament on the Valor on a sea day morning when I was on last April.
  10. We sailed the Inspiration in January and had a very good time. Tampa has a very nice port, probably my favorite embarkation city so far. We stayed the the Residence Inn downtown which was a very nice place to stay pre-cruise. We too flew into Tampa so I can't comment on St. Pete. The ship itself is in very good shape, the only wear I saw were the inside of the elevators. They could use to update the bathrooms in the staterooms as well but they were just fine. On the whole the ship was magnificent.
  11. The Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Roatan and Belize itinerary is awesome! Roatan is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I have sailed the Valor and would highly recommend it. As has already been posted, the Valor and Glory and very similar.
  12. We went to the Panchos downtown, not at the port. They appeared to be basically the same though. If you go to the one at the port you have a view of the ships. The one downtown is more of a garden setting.
  13. DW will have to answer that one. I believe they have a website and she got them on there but I am not 100% positive.
  14. Simply get off the tender and walk across the street!
  15. Misc Stuff: We had both been on Fantasy and were anxious to see what the new stuff was like. Waterworks is awesome, the enclosed slide is extremely fast! The Serenity area was very comfortable but too small, it was always very crowded no matter what the weather. There are areas of the ship that are showing her age, particularly the bathrooms in the staterooms. The newer vessels seem to have laid them out a bit better. The elevators were also in desperate need of a makeover as they were very worn. Other than that the ship is in excellent shape for her age. We did decide that we like longer cruises a bit better but agreed that we would sail Fantasy class again if need be. Our cruise director was Felipe Couto who was very good. He seemed to always be out and about and was so happy to have his parents on board cruising with him for the first time in 5 years! The entertainment staff consisted of Asst. Cruise Director Hennie, Lil John, Smithy and Pip, they did a very nice job as it seems the entertainment staff always does. Our cabin steward was Pholthong from Thailand, he was the best we had ever had, first class all the way! Some folks may have let the small things such as pushy old people and crappy weather ruin their cruise but we did not. It was another excellent cruise as they all seem to be! We are looking forward to booking our next one, probably October of 2010! Misc. Pictures: Love those Carnival comfort beds: And the robes.... DW sent me a Bon Voyage gift: Muster Drill:
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