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  1. Hi, LUVSCUBA (and everyone else). Thanks so much for your updates. Is there anything you wish you had brought but didn't? Or brought and didn't need? How are people dressing at night for dinner? Finally, any comments on the different snorkling outings? We depart 8/27 for the 9/1 Costco departure. I have resigned myself to a ship substitution but still have not heard anything. I was one the phone with Costco and X for an hour the other day and no new info. I told them I want to know before we leave the US if there is a ship substitution.Every time I open my email I am expecting to find the notice. Oh well.
  2. Have any of the 8/31 people heard anything?
  3. The Celebrity CEO is featured on Cruise Critic with the ability to ask questions. I have posted an inquiry about the status of the Xpedition.
  4. Thanks for taking questions. Would you please provide us with an update on the reconciliation efforts regarding the current revocation of the Xpedition's license?
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