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  1. HAHAHAHA.....LOL...ROFLMAO that picture you took ( close up) really shows that the hypnotist had the cruiser volunteer color past his ankles. NICE!!!
  2. Awesome... That picture you took of the cruiser's feet really shows the hypnotist had him color between his toes!!! LOL
  3. Lucky you...that you got to see the show live. I would have loved to see that happen to a random fellow cruise passenger.
  4. Yep .... I’m definitely laughing ... and more so AT her Dad for being stuck the entire cruise with hilarious looking feet. I had to repost it so it would be seen over and over and laughed at by random people and shared for more laughs !!! I’m sure it took forever to clean especially since the hypnotist got him to color between his toes, his toenails and as it looks way past his ankles and I’m sure his soles of his feet too with those industrial super permanent markers 🤣😆
  5. ROLFL .... wouldn’t you laugh AT that guy who ended up having to use industrial super permanent markers to color his own feet during the cruise ship hypnotist show and have to relive it over and over on the photo department endless loops of events or shows. Haha he must have been the joke of the entire cruise. I love how that happened to that guy and would have loved to see it live so I could laugh and point the entire time AT his hilarious looking feet LOL..... but would definitely be glad they weren’t my feet that it happened to. However he was brave to be a volunteer.
  6. That is really hilarious... I wish I was on the same cruise to see that happen to your Dad live especially since he had to use industrial super permanent markers to do it which means it would have been really really tough to clean off. I'm sure he was the complete joke for the rest of that cruise and more so if the photo dept had recorded the show and played it back in an endless loop.
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