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  1. Sorry - I should have indicated that pricing was coming from my TA. We have always ordered Total Wine on-line and picked it up at the store a few hours before boarding. For the last World we did on HAL, we took aboard 30 bottles (charge of $18 per bottle). I do usually have preferences for wine, and I am not familiar with Princess' wine list by the glass. I think I will wait to see the wines that are offered by the glass before I decide (if possible). But we also like specialty coffees, and I suppose I would have one most days if I didn't have to "pay" for it.
  2. That is true, however if you price all of the benefits i.e., gratuities ($1609.50), air (assume$400), and wifi (assume $300), the difference between the no frills and early booking (for a BE) is $3330. If you remove the price of the benefits, $2009.50, that leaves $1320.50 -- which averages out to about $11.89 per day you are paying for the beverage package. A darn good deal.
  3. Social distancing will be extremely difficult. And some people won't wear masks - look at the demonstrators. Some people want to cruise so badly they are willing to put themselves and others in harms way.
  4. AND it only takes one person to board with the virus to cause a major problem for everyone on the ship.
  5. Sorry - correction - the ship is sailing back to Los Angeles according to the letter issued to the passengers.
  6. See the Princess forum. Someone on the Pacific Princess world cruise has been told they can stay on the ship until FLL - they of course have to sign a waiver. They are due to arrive in Perth (Freemantle) on 21 March.
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