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  1. Also consider that you get premium coffee drinks, fruit juices and soda as part of the package and the number of drinks to break even is even less. Hence, there shouldn't be a huge motivation "to get your monies worth". You can do that pretty easily without losing your mind.
  2. I find the notion that RCCL shouldn't be liable for someone's behavior while being served aboard their ships to be puzzling. All establishments and individual bartenders are responsible for this on dry land, and this responsibility certainly doesn't change onboard. I guarantee you that the bartenders are trained to look for warning signs that someone needs to be cut off. Profuse sweating in an otherwise cool bar. Blood shot eyes. Inability to track something smoothly with their eyes. Staggering. Slurring words. The obvious stuff and the not so obvious. When you return to the same barte
  3. I think this is absolutely a pertinent question. I would think Royal would be very interested in knowing how much an individual who has the AYCD package is drinking for multiple reasons. They don't want someone so drunk that they could be causing any amount of trouble whether it be vomiting, sexual assault, starting fights, etc. Also, you think they'd be concerned that someone who has gotten many drinks in a short period of time could be passing them off to others, which could be reducing the cruise lines revenue. I think if one bartender cuts someone off, it should flag his seapass ship-w
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