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  1. It has taken me awhile to get back to you. We have now booked through Trinity for the Holiday Inn in Carteret on September 7th. Thanks for advising us about Trinity.. Now for help with where to stay so we can do some sightseeing in NYC after we get off the boat on September 22. I 'd think 3 nights would be fine. But I don't know about budget. It's hard to give a price when we don't know hotel prices in the area. We most often reserve at 2 1/2 star hotels which usually include free breakfast and free parking for our car. We do not have loyalty points. Does that help? We're not afraid to walk if need be to get to public transportation. Any advice would be welcome. It's overwhelming to try to pick on our own when we don't have experience with this area
  2. Like others we are cruising for the first time out of Cape Liberty on Celebrity Summit September 8th. My husband and I are driving from WI and plan to arrive on the 7th. We'd like a hotel where we can park for the 14 days of the cruise, stay, and get a shuttle to and from the port, preferably included in the price of the hotel. I checked on Cruise and Park and found Country Inn and Suites New Jersey has a price of $239. At this point I have no idea the route we will take to get there. So does this sound like a good choice? And are we close to eating places. I've read through so many posts here perhaps that has been answered but I'd like clarification. I've never heard of booking with Trinity but it sounds like they are helpful and I like that they have a Christian emphasis. Would they be better than Stay, Park, and Cruise? Then after we get back from the cruise we plan to stay in the area to do some sight seeing in NYC. Would like to visit the 9 11 museum, Statue of Liberty, and anything else you would recommend. We're both fit senior citizens so walking would not be a problem From what I've been reading the best way to do that would be to book a hotel outside the city and then take public transportation. So we will need a hotel with parking, preferably free. We've always been readers of Cruise Critic but this is our first cruise where we are making use of your advice. I have the feeling we will wonder why we didn't do it before. Thanks for any help you can give us WI travelers.
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