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  1. I would have loved to see the look on that dude's face when he saw what he did to his own feet while under the hypnotist power of suggestion and especially when he finds out that it ink ain't gonna wash off easily.... Then hear da laughs of the audience telling him it was industrial permanent markers and not washable ink markers....and have to endure the LAUGHIN' an' POINTING the entire cruise from other passengers.🤣🤡
  2. I love the idea that it was some random cruiser on the ship that was publicly humiliated in front of his/her fellow passengers especially if it happened early on for maximum laughing and pointing AT them....and for sure definitely would be happier that that wasn't my feet that ended up like that if I was on that cruise at the same time. Hahaha...he was the joke of the entire cruise I'm sure after that .😆🤣😏😜🤡
  3. Wow them feet are sure colored... I wonder how long it took to wash the ink off? Sure looks like it would be quite long lasting for sure.
  4. Nice feet...I'm sure the dude was the real laugh of the cruise!🤣😜
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