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  1. Hi, I have made several reservations for my family but I still have to make some other ones. What should I make sure to do once I get on-board? I want to make sure that we get the reservations that are available. Does anyone have a procedure or checklist? What advice would you give to a newbie like myself? Thanks, Mike
  2. I hope I didn't sound like I felt I was "entitled" to it. I was just wondering if it was a possibility. I am glad others got something and even if I don't, it will not diminish my vacations. Mike
  3. We are sailing on the March 7th Escape cruise out of Miami. On the facebook page for the cruise, there has been many reports that people have been upgraded for free to our cabin type (MB) minisuite. I have called a couple of times looking for OBC but NCL says that it is sold out so we can't get any. I am glad some people got the free upgrade but I was wondering if I called back and mentioned how NCL has upgraded lots of people for free would that make for a good argument for OBC? What do you think?
  4. My wife bought my sons and I NCL gift cards for our upcoming cruise. I am reading that they can be used for on board purchases. Are they like debit cards or do we apply them to our room charges. Also, can you limit how much someone charges to your room? We have two sons that might be tempted to charge more than they should. lol Mike
  5. Hi swtasugar, A followup question. Am I correct that you can order as much as you want with the SDP? If so, that sounds great. Mike
  6. Hi, I just found out about the tapas restaurant Pincho on the Escape. I have some questions. First, does anyone have a recent menu from there or can describe the dishes? Second, is it included in the specialty dinner package? Finally, while taste is subjective, what was your overall impression about the quality of the food? We are on the March 7th sailing. Mike
  7. Sorry that my geographical knowledge is lacking. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  8. Hi, My family (wife and son age 13 and son age 14) will be visiting Costa Maya in March as part of our NCL cruise. We would like to do something fun as a family and are open to almost any type of activity. What would be your top recommendations? Is there any company that you would recommend outside of NCL for excursions? Thanks
  9. the dates of our cruise is March 7-14 on the Escape out of Miami.
  10. Hi, We were fortunate to get the upgrade email that allows us to bid on an upgrade. We (me, my DW, and 2 DS, ages 12 and14) currently have a mini suite (MB) . This is our first cruise with NCL and I am uncertain what we should do. We are happy with the mini suite and would be fine with it. However (LOL), the chance at upgrading to Haven is enticing. We are thinking of bidding to an H4 or a H6. What do you think a reasonable bid would be? Please be free with your opinion as to whether it is worth it or not. I understand that ultimately it is up to us as to whether it is worth it but I wou
  11. Hi all, I am investigating the wine cellar room on the Escape. Is it a wine bar or is it just for tastings, ie, can the wife and I just drop in and get a class or two of wine? Also, what is the price for glasses of wine range from? We have the regular drink package that allows for drinks up to $15. Are there wines we can get there? If anyone has any experience in there, I would appreciate feedback on your experience. Thanks, Monarch25
  12. I consider unique something that I can't get in PA. I mean something with a local flair or something that is not a chain type restaurant that would be interesting. My family and I are pretty adventurous eaters so anything is on the table as long as the quality of the food is good.
  13. Hi, I have several questions about the area surrounding the Holiday Inn at the Port of Miami. Are there any good, unique restaurants in walking distance? Also, I think there is a CVS/Walgreens located near the hotel. Is this accurate? Thanks, Monarch25
  14. Hi, I will be arriving at the FLL airport with my wife and two teenage sons in the first week of March. What would be the least expensive method to get to the Holiday Inn at Port Miami? We want an easy ride that isn't too expensive. I am considering Uber/Lyft. How does that compare to a taxi ride? Thanks, Monarch25
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