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  1. I will be traveling with my two sons (age 12 and 13) next year on the Escape. One son in particular is very forgetful. If he loses his key card for the room, what happens? I am sure he can get it replaced but is there a fee and what if he has money attached to his card?
  2. Thank you for all the helpful replies.
  3. Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
  4. Hi, I booked a family vacation for my wife, two teeners and myself for March 2020 on the Escape. We have a mini-suite booked (category MB). I have heard of upgrade offers, and other types of offers. What kind of offers are normal (this is our first cruise). We are perfectly happy with what we have but if we were looking for more space in an upgrade what kind of room would we need to look at? Also, if someone could explain the bidding process to me, that would be great. I am pretty confused. Thanks
  5. I booked a mini suite for the family and our room number is 13200 . Would any happen to have a photo of the room and/or the balcony? Thanks
  6. Btw, we are on the Escape, not the Encore. That is my bad.
  7. Hi, I booked a mid ship balcony room for my wife, my two teens and myself on the Encore for next March. This is only my second cruise ever and the first one was over 15 years ago hence I would classify myself as a newbie. My question is "what is the difference between a balcony room and a mini suit room?" I can't seem to find a difference but maybe I am missing something. Thanks.
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