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  1. Just rebooked for 9/5/20 after my 8/1 Panorama was cancelled. Got $800 onboard credit and a spa cabin for $770. Totally worth it.
  2. Ah, you’re right. I just looked, I was on the 18-25 of January cruise. How could I forget 😅
  3. I just booked a spa cabin on the Panorama for Aug 1st lol. You’re right, too cheap and worth the risk. I believe you were on our Jan 25th Panorama Cruise 😁
  4. Just booked Panorama Spa Cabin on 8/1/20. Haha, am I crazy?
  5. See you in Long Beach! We are so excited for the Panorama in THREE DAYS!
  6. thank you sanmarcosman. i was able to book today. the website was just not up to speed yet.
  7. I read on Carnival's website that specialty dining would be available for booking on August 1st. I tried booking, saw that they added a new tab for it under your booking, but its giving me the same message as before. Anyone else able to book yet? I have been waiting months to book the Chef's Table, and now i feel like Carnival trolled me lol.
  8. 1/18/2020 is going to be an amazing cruise. i just wish there was a designated night club.
  9. Carnival Miracle in November of '14, got a call for an upsell from an interior on deck 1 for an extended balcony, for $100. I forgot which deck it was, i can probably go back and figure it out. I wish I could get that call again.
  10. Cheers! program, if you use it for alcohol and can drink your 15 a day, then it's still great deal. But the way to get the bang for the buck is the milkshakes, floats, tea, specialty coffee, soda, bottled water, energy drinks, etc. They are unlimited and that's a deal.
  11. What makes you unwilling to sail on the above mentioned classes? I am going to be 30 by the time this cruise of mine comes around in January, shows how different tastes for entertainment are. A big indoor rock climbing park would have been better. A multi level nightclub should have been put in that spot IMHO.
  12. I have read on other posts that the IMAX bass would shake rooms up to deck 10. That probably wouldn't bother the wife and I, since we are nightwalkers. I'm sure there are better ideas then what has been put in place though. There is no space on the Vista class set aside for a night club. They just turn one of the lounges into a club at night, right? The ship could have used a dope multi story nightclub.
  13. With the removal of the IMAX, we are given the Sky Zone. I am not a fan of this replacement, but I don't have kids. I can imagine kids are going to go nuts over this. What do you guys think about it?
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