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  1. Just spent 20 minutes holding for a rep to confirm the rates had reduced on our July cruise AND received a free upgrade for a Spa balcony!!! Us 1 Virus 0 (for now)
  2. I'm looking for info on CC experiences on the Sunshine. Let em rip...good or bad!
  3. We were on the ship in July during Hurricane Barry--the week prior to the inspection. I have NO doubt those folks were exhausted from the massive amounts of vomit they were cleaning up, the increased number of requests for towels and toilet paper, the extra day with a ship full of cruisers who just want OFF. While there were some concerns I noticed (side question below), the crew was on top of their stuff cleaning that ship--until we hit Barry. The next set of cruisers on the week after us...well, I think we would've taken the refund/rebook option. Will we sail on the Fantasy again? P
  4. I'm used to bottled water, not the canned option--which (of course) is allowed on the ship. What canned water do you think is the best (including flavors)?
  5. I received an email from Jane on Saturday with a warning about the "massive amounts of sargassum" washing up on the beach. They are unable to keep up with the onslaught and are offering refunds in advance. For those who have been....if you received this type of email BEFORE leaving for the Carnival Port, would you keep your reservation or take the refund? Mind you, we have a reservation in Cozumel for Nachi Cocum.
  6. Does anyone know if Fantasy offers sea day brunches too? I'm only asking because the ship doesn't offer dive in movies, doesn't have an Alchemy bar...so I want to be prepared for this one too. Never mind, I saw my question already answered in the responses 🙂
  7. Thanks for the review! We're going next month and following the same resort itinerary. I'm hopeful the seaweed is not bad but am prepared to make the game day decision. Was there an Alchemy bar?
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