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  1. One additional note about "chip & pin" cards. Many American credit cards are not pin enabled so you aren't able to use at automated self-serve kiosks like those often found in train stations. Check with your credit card issuer.
  2. Here is the reference... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2689286-you-just-need-to-pack-a-sports-bra-and-shorts-in-hot-dry-alaska/
  3. +1, we had a very similar experience renting from Avis at the end of July except I just walked to and from the ship. A few different details posted to this thread:
  4. Princess did the same on our Alaska cruise last month and it was well attended. I was in a TACAMO squadron, a small part of the Navy, and wouldn't you know it but there were two of us sitting right next to each other!
  5. We used the Tesoro at 920 W 10th St, Juneau, AK 99801 https://maps.app.goo.gl/JAcfsCPY7peeNBgdA Also for awareness with Avis: we did an "after hours" drop off (they closed at 4 though the rental confirmation stated 6) and they want you to include your fuel receipt with the keys and your completed rental sleeve in the door drop. I took pictures of everything and didn't have any problems.
  6. It should be 39 Euros, it is a fixed rate between the cruise terminal and the airport. It's officially referenced as the T4 rate tariff. This TripAdvisor page, though dated, is the best I've seen at providing an overview, to include the different tariff rates: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g187497-c153447/Barcelona:Spain:Taxis.In.Barcelona.html
  7. Sounds like a plan. For reference this is the source Southwest page with the schedule release date reference, any changes will go live here: https://www.southwest.com/air/flight-schedules/index.html
  8. There should be a "Tour Conductor" credit going to the organizer in your family assuming your family meets the minimum berth threshold for the cruise line. That should go to the organizer, not the wholesale club.
  9. Southwest prices all of their flights as one-ways so you don't get a discount by booking a round-trip and you don't pay a premium by booking a one-way. I don't see any problems with you booking the March 4th flight, especially if you're planning to fly Southwest on the retun flight too.
  10. What car rental company are you using? We rented from Avis, it was about a 20 minute walk back to the ship.
  11. There are taxis at the ships though I don't recall seeing any queued up at any other locations.
  12. We are staying in The Bicycle Apartments near Sants. Our daughter is dancing and we are here for a few weeks so it is the best location for us while also giving us fairly easy access to transit and the rest of the city. Full kitchen, two bedrooms, nice living room area. Across the street from a nice little grocery. They have a large room for luggage storage next to the check in area.
  13. We've had no problems using our Visa card with our cards through Google Pay on the mobile terminals in Barcelona. We typically haven't had to sign for purchases when using the phone but we have had to sign when presenting our card.
  14. Another area to consider is El Born. There are shops, restaurants, churches, and museums but it's much less crowded. We followed the path of the "El Born Walk" in the Rick Steves Barcelona book.
  15. Confirming what it shown in some of the posted pictures: two prong.
  16. @Misself we are in Barcelona now and we've seen people bring all kinds of things on the local buses -- strollers, suitcases, beach chairs/umbrellas you name it. You are travelling alone with just one suitcase so it shouldn't be a problem on the S9, V13, or any other local bus. As mentioned by another poster I definitely wouldn't recommend the Metro with luggage as not all stations have elevators.
  17. +1. Sounds like you've received some great suggestions so have a great trip!
  18. On the Royal Caribbean itinerary page for the 13 night Singapore to Tokyo departing on April 21, 2021 it's the Singapore Cruise Centre (it's the only sailing I see that is on Ovation departing from Singapore). From the "Day 1" description of the "Expore This Itinerary" page: "More Shores in Singapore The Singapore Cruise Centre sits near famous Sentosa Island..."
  19. Sounds like you have a plan! I agree that you can't go wrong and that it's kind of an apples to oranges comparison. Adding my two cents for future travelers pondering the same decision: We are more outdoor versus casino/show oriented so when we were in Hong Kong two years ago (our son lives there now, he didn't live there at the time) we went to Lantau Island. Cable car out (incredible views, to include of the airport), bus ride with the stop at the fishing village back. If you are prepared there is also a hiking trail but that would be a really long day! My wife loved the fishing village, me not so much.
  20. That is usually my starting point, especially the calendar feature when dates and/or departure cities are flexible. As far a financial interest.... they're owned by Google so all of the search data has financial value, even if they don't make any money on the air ticket sale itself. Click on the bottom of the page for their "Terms of Use Policy" and it takes you to the Google Terms of Service page.
  21. Too funny, our kids loved chasing pigeons too, specifically ours pigeon adventure was in St. Peter's Square! Gelato. Pantheon (we all loved it). Trevi Fountains. Running around any of the piazzas. We always always always take our kids to local grocery stores and let them peruse and pick out local snack foods and drinks (fun for us too). May also be controversial but the nicest McDonald's I've ever seen was near the Spanish Steps, even if you go just to look at the desserts in the cafe. We always had our kids read stories about the places we were going to visit (for example I think there is a Magic Treehouse story for Rome). Also take a look at the book, "Mission Rome: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure". Also buy tickets in advance to avoid waiting in any lines.
  22. This thread reminded me of my all time favorite quote, courtesy of our Pompeii tour guide: "The mother of stupidity is always pregnant." I don't remember where we were on the tour, the tour company, or the reference, I just remember the quote.
  23. Runway work at FLL is good to know! Here is a third party article with additional information: https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/06/20/runway-workabilitation-project-underway-at-fort-lauderdale-hollywood-international-airport/
  24. I missed the "spendy" reference in your original post so it helps to see your original question reframed, thanks! This Cruise Critic article may be a good starting point, posting in case you haven't already read it, Alaska on a Budget: Cheap and Free Things to Do in Port. Additional Cruise Critic articles are also on the Alaska Cruises page, scroll down about half way to the "Popular Alaska Content" section. We'll be in Kethikan a day before you on 7/30, I'm planning to hike the Deer Mountain Trail (we'll take a cab to the trail head) to the second overlook. Trip Advisor has reviews from hikers. I'll also spend some time downtown. Juneau we are renting a car, we'll be there 7/31. There isn't enough time for us to see everything on my list! Would like to take the Mount Roberts Tramway but that may have to wait until "next time"... We aren't going to any of the other ports on your itinerary though I wish we were! Again, "next time"...
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