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  1. Yes, both of the methods are available for a one way international flight. For example in the "Miles + Cash" option shown by @waterbug123 to get started you'd go to the Delta booking site, select "One Way" and click the "Miles" toggle button where it says "Show Price In"...
  2. @CruisingIGo what dates are you thinking? I picked random dates in May searching departures from LAX, SEA, SFO, or OAK and I'm seeing lowest pricing on ITA out of LAX. Multiple airlines. Fly to Rome, fly back from Athens.
  3. Yes, I was thinking of ITA for a reference point of comparison.
  4. The calendar function on ITA Flight Matrix is usually a pretty helpful starting point. If you haven't used it and want a click path let me know and I'll post the steps I use here.
  5. It's now listed as August 15th, "We are currently accepting air reservations through January 5, 2020. On August 15, 2019 we will open our schedule for sale through March 6, 2020. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently." This is the source page: https://www.southwest.com/air/flight-schedules/index.html
  6. Maybe they can stay at the TWA hotel before they drive over to inspect the bridge.
  7. Here you go, yes 200% is what they are targeting, "'My objective is to sell every room every day twice a day', said Tyler Morse..." The article is behind the WSJ paywall: TWA Hotel at Kennedy Airport Targets 200% Occupancy
  8. Agreed. Though they were referencing something much much higher, I'll look for the article and post if I'm able to find.
  9. I can't find it now but one of the articles about the opening included a quote that they plan to book at over 100% utilization for the rooms because they figure that many people will have odd check-in or out times. And the comments about parking just made me smile, I saw where that one was going NYC is its own world.
  10. Definitely check both carriers. For example, I recently saw airfare for the exact same Iceland Air flight that was cheaper booking through JetBlue than it was on Iceland Air.
  11. It looks like Southwest is pushing back their next scedule release to August 8th: "We are currently accepting air reservations through January 5, 2020. On August 8, 2019 we will open our schedule for sale through March 6, 2020. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently."
  12. @preschool teacher you may also want to try to adjust to fly back one day later if your schedule permits. Sometimes even a little timing flexibility pays big dividends.
  13. It's on the Southwest flight search page for me, here is a screen shot that I just pulled up: :
  14. I echo the comments about using a car service, that would be my first choice. Also thinking out loud, one additional option is to do a one-way car rental -- it's not a fun drive and there are tolls but it's an option (the backup plan for the backup plan). Hopefully you're able to get on a flight to EWR.
  15. That's the beauty of the military, there IS a regulation, you just need to find the right one. When I transitioned out of the military the lack of documentation in many companies was one of the things I didn't expect.
  16. This is our approach. We love cruises when traveling with extended family (our next cruise is later this month) because we make it a point to eat dinner together but other than that everyone is able to enjoy events, activities, and excursions at their own speed. We inevitably end up doing more than just dinner but it's nice that there isn't an expectation for more.
  17. Are you pricing a one way ticket, round trip, or open jaw? I assume you're talking one way because the ticket is pricing in Euros but the starting point for your trip will help folks here on CC respond with ideas and options. You also mentioned you have a travel agent, I don't know why they wouldn't be working this for you presenting options.
  18. I am guessing that they will preboard (comments indicate there is a wheelchair involved). Southwest boarding position is irrelevant if you preboard.
  19. @ozzienurse do you know the size of the group on the cruise? Assuming it's not a massive group (i.e. the group organizer hasn't booked the entire ship), then the rest of the ship will go on with business as usual with all of the normal activities and entertainment. It's possible to book a group and reserve meeting space for the group activities, it just takes coordination and planning. You'd probably be surprised by the number of groups booked on any given cruise.
  20. Right now I see a published Southwest FLL departure at 1:45 pm, making two connections, landing in PDX at 10:45 pm.
  21. One of my favorite pictures of my kids is them standing at the Southernmost Point. Part of the charm of the photo is that they were so little and all decked out in hats and sunglasses. This blog post, Things to Do in Key West with Kids, also has a pretty good summary. It's a bit dated but provides some additional ideas and detail for some of the others mentioned above.
  22. Were they referring you to the Southwest Customer Relations Department? On the Southwest discussion forum it seems like that's where things are escalated (they aren't open on the weekend). On the Southwest forums I have seen other customers ask about checking bags all the way through to the final destination when booking two separate tickets like you described. It's risky taking that approach though. There is an active contingent of folks over on the Southwest forum and I'm guessing you'd get a same day response if you post there. Having said that, it looks like there are 8 published Southwest itineraries for September 9th on that route, is there something specific with the times that you need? Have you thought about getting a refund from Southwest and booking on another airline? Easiest way to do a quick search on Google Flights if time is a limiting factor is to sort the results by arrival time. From everything I see you're looking at either one or two connections, regardless of airline.
  23. Istanbul is even closer to the middle point. Almost 10 hours from New York on the first flight then just shy of 11 hours for the flight to Singapore.
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