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  1. This is the link from the Carnival FAQ page about Carnival's Youth Program, it states in part, "If parent/guardian decide to leave their children in the care of the Youth Staff while in port, they can!  They should let us know if they are going on a Carnival shore excursion or going to explore the port on their own."


    Note that the in port policy differs by cruise line (mentioning in case you look at other options).  Our kids are older now but they never really like the kids clubs, regardless of the cruise line.  Others post that the kids love them so it really depends on your children.  For what it's worth, we've travelled all over the place with our kids, even when they were infants, and we've always brought them ashore.

  2. 3 hours ago, chengkp75 said:

    From the room to the balcony should work fine (audio may work better than video), but much further than the next cabin would not likely work.

    Agreed.  It's been a while since we used a baby monitor on a cruise but with the old audio only technology we were always able to use it through the walls with next door cabins.

  3. Destination thoughts: I think you're looking at the Caribbean if you want January or February 2020.  See this article about "The Alaska Cruise Season"


    Narrowing it down thoughts: I'd start with duration and destination -- how much time do you have and where in the Caribbean have you previously travelled?  If you have an upper cost limit then you can use that as a limiting factor too but I'd hold off on doing price comparisions until you are able to make it apples to apples.  For example you may find an itinerary for early January, when everyone is off from school, may cost more than late February.  If your timing is flexible then see what is out there in February.

  4. @CruiseCriticMamaBear we have four children, two still in the house being homeschooled and we've taken them all over the world using a mix of cruises and independent travel.  Be careful though, our eldest son is so comfortable with travel and different cultures that he went to university in London and he now lives in Hong Kong ;)


    I echo the comments from @Keith1010 to try to find ways to get off the beaten path and in to the community.  If we are staying somewhere for a while then we figure out the public transit system.  We ask locals where they like to eat.  We love to go Mass wherever we are -- pro tip is that a bilingual service in Barcelona does not usually include English, it's Spanish and Catalan!  We've also purchased opportunistic plane tickets when we've seen an unbelievable fare sale then figure out lodging and everything else from there.  We're going to Alaska for the first time next month and then we'll be in Barcelona again for a while the following month.  Next year is still a blank slate for us.


    Your comprehensive approach is rare to see!

  5. 21 hours ago, mjkacmom said:

    When we surprised our kids, the story was they were missing school that day to drive 3 hours to a nursing home to have a birthday lunch with a great aunt they never met. They were very happy with Disney instead, and since we stayed onsite, they were peppered with commercials for DCL on TV.

    I grew up in the L.A. area and the first time we went to Disneyland we were told a similar story -- I remember being super confused and happy when we pulled in to the park area.

  6. On 6/21/2019 at 4:29 PM, waterfalls1111 said:

    We're looking into our first cruise for 2020.


    Ideally, we'd like something that's quiet and laid back


    How much flexibility do you have with your dates?  Also do your kids have interest in kids clubs and meeting others their age?


    We have four children, our youngest is 11, and none of them ever really liked the kids club scene.

  7. On 3/15/2019 at 7:56 PM, cb at sea said:

    The longer the cruise, the fewer the kids....





    Long cruise + middle of school year = almost no kids


    We homeschool so have tons of flexibility with our travel dates.  Our personal experience has been that there is a dramatic drop in the number of other families with kids if we go during the middle of the school year.  And more favorable pricing.

  8. 3 hours ago, zqvol said:


    Have you looked at Delta and Southwest, non stop from RDU to SJU?


    I don't see any direct flights between RDU and SJU in December on any airline other than Frontier and it's not daily service.  Here is a link on flightsfrom for December: https://www.flightsfrom.com/RDU/destinations?durationFrom=57&durationTo=537&dateMethod=month&dateFrom=2019-12-01&dateTo=2019-12-31#/SJU


    I'm also in the get there a day early camp.  Even if there isn't weather on your specific route/in your city, any inclement weather in the airline route system can ripple through the network.

  9. On 6/8/2019 at 4:42 PM, Lady Chew said:

    I always bring a packet of Clorox/Lysol/whatever wipes


    This is part of our packing checklist for flying too, even when not heading out on a cruise.  First thing that gets wiped down is the aircraft tray table.

  10. What cruise line and itineraries?  As others have mentioned it totally depends.  For example you could have a sailing where the cruise line sells two consecutive segements as different 7 day cruises and they also sell the same combined segment as one 14 day cruise.

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