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  1. Just saved 300 us dollars by asking them to price match on our Equinox booking for 30 november. Still getting all 4 perks ,same state room on the hump but a little over 300 bucks cheaper. Well happy with that .
  2. So , I called Celebrity , was told that I could change the cabin online , keep all 4 perks and i would be entitled to any refund . So i did that and was quite chuffed at having got a nice juicy refund . I got an updated statement from Celebrity showing the lower price and the perks .. Then got another invoice celebrity ( a few hours later) showing no perks ..Cue several attempts at getting through to the US number , losing the call a number of times (one after having been on hold for 15 minutes) and finally managing to speak to a person who told me that no I couldn't get the lower cost and keep the perks although I'd previously been told by two agents at Celebrity that I could . .. Anyway after about an hour on the phone I was switched back to the original booking with the perks but I did save just over 100 dollars (same prices as Nantahalacruiser said above) .. It was all a bit stressful but I got there in the end (there being pretty much where I was to start with but hey ho .. that's life ) Roll on november ..
  3. We booked online on the celebrity website but we were in the US at the time so it was the US website . And yep I do have to call the Miami number . Fortunately I work for my company's US office so my office phone is a US phone , so that's not a problem at all for me . I did call the UK number once and they refused to discuss anything with me as it was a US booking .. and all I wanted to do was ammend my wife's date of birth on the booking as it wasn't right !
  4. Thanks for the replies all , I shall call Celebrity and see what they say , and yes we are in Scotland but we book in the US as my wife is American and we seem to get better deals doing that ... no idea why but we do .
  5. Hi , We're booked on Celebrity Equinox for a 7 night Caribbean cruise on Nov 30th . We booked it last year on one of the black friday/cyber monday deals which included 4 perks (drinks/wifi/tips/onboard credit) This will be our first cruise with Celebrity so I've been doing lots of reading on best cabins etc .. So today i decided to change to cabin 7286 on the hump as that seems a pretty good choice . So I went online to manage my booking , selected this cabin and then it said I would be due a refund of USD594 per person if I changed ! Does anyone know if I will keep all the perks if I changed my reservation online ? I don't want to change and find I lose them all but that seems too good a deal to miss out on as we'd be changing cabin types too , from 2b to 1a .. i think ?
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