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  1. wow, what a great community here and what an overwhelming amount of reactions, of all kinds. Thanks everybody for your efforts and above all the well meant advises and help. Highly appreciated. Concluding, the answer is as personal as the passport itself. Many of us treat it in a different way. Good to know and understand the different options. Thanks all, again.
  2. Made our very first cruise. It was great 🙂 Still, I've a query. Right at the check-in on board, our passports were taken and withheld. It was said this is common procedure and has to do with going on and off the ship easily anywhere without queuing up for border control and the like. Collecting and keeping the passports is against the law of my country, the owner of that passport. Additionally, it could cause serious but avoidable problems, in case of calamities, accident ashore, missing a departure, etc. Furthermore, as a foreigner by law I am obliged to be able to identify myself at all times with my legal ID/passport. Despite a strong discussion hereabout at check-in I felt no other way out then to give in, since I felt threatened about the commencement of the trip as such. A very bad and wrong start, unfortunately. Could anyone here deliberate on this issue. We feel very uncomfortable here with this and also being non-experienced. Thanks in advance.
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