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  1. That is my guess as well. That is what we loved about Princess.. they have the option to purchase a package to get all of the photos. We did that for our anniversary trip to Alaska. It was $250 (I think) but we ended up with about 65 8x10 pics. Was a awesome deal!
  2. I know this is a long shot... and way past the time of our trip..... But.. My wife and I cruised Alaska on the Emerald out of Seattle on Sept 10th 2017 to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. While onboard, we participated in the "Newlywed Game" that they have onboard. This was a HUGE leap out of both of our comfort zones but we had a BLAST doing it. We were sailing alone and didn't think to ask someone to take a pic or video of us... So we are REALLY hoping we can track someone down that took pictures or a video of this show that they would be willing to share with us! We never thought we would get picked to participate, so we didn't think to ask anyone around us to take pictures. :-( Any help would be AMAZING! Thanks in advance cruisers!!
  3. Just curious.... I've used a lanyard for every cruise I have taken, as they have made it very convenient to keep up with... Those that do NOT use them, what do you do with your card? All the cruises that I have been on, with exception of Alaska, have been tropical hot weather and we would be in board shorts and bathing suits...
  4. There is a app called Cozi that my wife and I use. It has To Do lists, Grocery Lists, Calendar etc... It works on both my tablet and android phone and the info syncs between my wifes phone and mine. So that whenever we add something to the calendar, to do list or grocery list, it automatically shows up on the other persons devices too. We both have crazy schedules, and it works great to help up keep up with each other.
  5. I have purchased the Pixel Package already ahead of my Feb 2020 cruise. My questions is... Can I purchase a 2nd Pixel Package to better my value for getting more pictures vs buying the pictures separate? Or is this package limited to ONE per person or cabin? We always want to purchase most of our pictures taken onboard because they are always so good and usually gift them to family.
  6. I would also suggest checking out AirBnB. They have some great options! That is what we are doing. Found a great little house to stay in Miami that is less than 10 minutes from the port and it was only 79 per night (plus tax and fees).
  7. I'm wondering the same thing... We will be down there first week of March and was hoping to take my kids to see whales. But I noticed they didn't have the guarantee like the whale excursions we took in Alaska.
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