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  1. I am trying to surprise my wife with a cruise and am completely lost at the options, where to find the best deals, etc. We will be traveling with two teens (14 and 16) and would like to have two rooms, most likely connecting (thoughts on having a nearby but not connecting room for kids that age?). I wouldn't mind spending a bit more for something special for my wife (large balcony or suite) but don't need to go crazy on the room for the kids. I'm still not sure of our schedules, but looking at January or February of 2020. I am looking for something to keep the kids busy, decent excursions for my wife, and good places to eat without having to sit with strangers for dinner (sorry, just not a fan). I would prefer not to have to pay a lot extra, especially for drinks and food. The last cruise we want on had so/so food unless we paid extra every night to go to the special restaurants and that didn't sit well with me. We are pretty open as to where we go, but I'm thinking the Caribbean or Alaska are the most likely... and leaning towards the Caribbean b/c it's cheaper to get airfare to FL. I've looked at a few of the big ships (Symphony of the Seas, Horizon, etc) and am curious if anyone has any recommendations. We are a pretty quiet family if that matters... things like night life have no appeal to us, but my wife and kids would enjoy a show. I've spent the morning researching rooms, ships, various websites to book through, etc. and the more I look the more confused I get! Pricing seems to vary incredibly from website to website for what appears to be the same cruise. Any recommendations? Are there smaller cruise lines I should be looking at? I apologize if this is pretty vague, but at this point I don't even know what information to provide! Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer!
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