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  1. Roz, you are spot on with your response. We returned last month from a back to back Danube cruise. First, from Bucharest to Budapest; second Budapest to Prague. The demographics on the first week was very different from the second. The first cruisers were older and quieter. Thirty of us stayed on. The second cruisers were quite a bit younger and loved to stay up and dance. We enjoyed both, but did find the old Soviet bloc countries more interesting. My husband’s grandparents came from Romania, so that was most important for him. Ports were much less crowded and guides were wonderful a
  2. We were on the same cruise. Bucharest to Prague. It was our first cruise with Uniworld and we were very pleased. We do agree that Max was a wasted space. We also were aware of the change in demographics from the first week to the second week. Enjoyed the change, although we were in the older group. Sorry we couldn’t cruise all the way to Nuremberg, but enjoyed a few hours cruising from Passau to Regensburg. Cruising is the only way for us. What an interesting itinerary.
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