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    I cannot speak to the tour options you listed but I do see a lot of recommendations for Native Choice Tours. Pretty sure that's who we'll be using for our trip to the ruins in January. Google their website (the native choice dot com).
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    Sorry if I missed it..... How to contact?
  3. This still sounds (to me) like exactly what you thought you bought. And how the rest of us also understood it -- Unlimited visits, food portions only (not drinks). Dinner and Lunch when available. No mention of a daily restriction. Am I missing something in the new description??
  4. Thanks for the info on the wrists bands. I wandered back through your Seaside review -- my mistake, I read it wrong..."I started the day with an early morning visit to guest services to purchase the wrist band. It is already worth the $5 I paid for it. " I thought it said $51... which seemed awfully pricey! $5 sounds much more like something we'd try. If I may, a couple more questions: 1) How is the elevator situation? This is the one common complaint I often see in reviews. 2) Can't recall now if you have the UDP... if so, are they allowing you to use it multiple times per day (if you've even tried this)? There's a current report that the new Hotel Manager (I think it was) is not honoring the Unlimited part of the product description, and instead is restricting guests to one lunch and one dinner per day (as in... no add'l stops for appetizers or desserts outside of those 2 meals). Love your reviews... beautiful pictures, great info. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you devote to helping others.
  5. Movies not working for me either (wasn't planning to say anything because I didn't want OP to worry over trying to figure out why). Edited to add: I've been simultaneously reading your MSC Seaside review (loving it! and very seriously considering that line now). Anyway, I thought the wrist bands on Seaside cost you $50+ and these are $5? Maybe I am remembering wrong. And is this a daily cost or for the whole week?
  6. This is a bummer! 😝 Seems we may be about to see the end of the Unlimited dining pkg.
  7. Very much looking forward to the rest of your review. Thanks for taking the time to share your cruise with us. Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. Oops... I meant to say: I wondered if they had figured out how to *apply it properly* by now. Guess not, huh! Ah well.
  9. Exactly what I'm thinking! I was wondering if they had figured out how to divide it by now. Years ago, they split my "single" OBC with my cabin mate. Sailing with my hubs this time, but ty for the heads up.
  10. OP -- thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are strongly considering this excursion on our upcoming sailing.
  11. I think the only thing you can use for free is the RCI app via their WiFi. Anything else, you would need to purchase a VOOM pkg.
  12. Very good, this is what I was hoping for. Thank you for the info and for that number, I'll call in hopes of having the OBC ready for any BF/CM deals.
  13. Tried researching this but found some conflicting answers. Plus, things change. Hoping for some clarification / current info. If I redeem my BOA Rewards for OBC, will it show up in My Cruise Planner to use on purchases (pre-cruise) for an upcoming January sailing? Or is that OBC not accessible until I'm on board? Thanks in advance!
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