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  1. Really, really great photos! Thanks for sharing them along with your review.
  2. Great news... nice when the easiest, least expensive way works out. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. We had a great cruise on the Harmony in January. Happy Valentines Day to you and the Mrs.... wishing you safe travels and a wonderful cruise! Anxious to follow along with you.
  4. Seats in the theater will likely be too narrow for him, check the accessible area for alternate seating. Consider bringing or renting one of the larger wheelchairs so he'll always have a comfortable place to sit. Special Needs at Sea rents a "bariatric" chair for up to 500 lbs (sorry, don't know the cost). Not sure where you are sailing from, but they deliver right to your cabin in certain departure ports. As others have said, ask for a chair without arms in the MDR. The buffet will have some scattered around, they also have a reserved accessible area (at least they did on Harmony). I kn
  5. What an ordeal -- glad you are finally home. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm so sorry this happened to you! We always buy trip insurance, but with some policies the medical coverage is only 10k. I don't usually worry about it because we also have our regular health insurance which will cover us in emergencies... BUT... this has convinced me to select a travel policy with higher medical coverage in the future. You just never know! Always better to be safe than sorry. As for paying up front, I've always known that was expected but I did not know some policies have this inclusion. I'
  6. I am reluctant to share this because I wouldn't want you to have a problem if you take me at my word. And I realize you said you're trying to NOT to go the passport route. BUT.... Years ago when we applied for our first passports, my husband had this exact same issue. There was an extra letter in his first name on his certified birth certificate. His whole life... on his drivers licenses, employment, taxes, everything... he spelled his name correctly without that extra letter. I was really worried about getting the passport, which of course, was in prep for a cruise. On the p
  7. Just off the Harmony last month... loving your review. Really nice pictures!
  8. Just a little more info -- I redeemed our rewards about 3 months pre-cruise, then learned the OBC doesn't show up on your Cruise Planner until 2-3 weeks before the sail date. I was hoping to use the OBC in the event of any Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, so I called and asked for my credit to be expedited (at about 50 days out). They reminded me of the 2-3 wk policy but then went ahead and applied my credit (showed in my Cruise Planner within 15 mins). My aunt called a few days later with the same request and was not treated as kindly, she was given a lecture about the policy. They did
  9. Personal note on Compasses: I don't care for the format of the Daily Planner section of the Compass. It's grouped into categories instead of simple chronological order. I prefer to see everything going on at a certain time listed together vs. checking all of the different categories. In case you misplace your Compass or want another copy, they keep all of the printed issues (all week) at Guest Services. DAY 1
  10. Our prize was an inside joke / gag gift that my husband put together. But I contemplated having everyone pay-in $5 or $10ea and doing a cash prize OR getting something that could be used on board (like Bingo cards, drink cards, credit for specialty restaurant, etc). Only problem with the latter is the hunt would need to conclude early enough for the winners to use their prize -- so I scrapped that idea. Gift cards for something back home would be good.... restaurant, gas, grocery, etc. Or maybe a cool souvenir from one of the ports you've visted. Though a single prize would work ok for co
  11. After my last experience, I'll now wait until about a month before sailing to redeem. As everyone has been saying, it's typically applied 2-3 weeks prior to sailing. We called last time to ask for it early (to use for purchasing drink pkgs, etc), and while I was given a gentle reminder of the policy, my aunt received an unpleasant lecture. That said, we both found the credit applied within a few hours of calling.
  12. Something else that we find helpful... there are phones all over the ship (ie: near every elevator, in most public spaces, etc). So you wont have to run back to your room to call another room. Also, the RC app (which you can use via WiFi at no charge) has a messaging feature that works on some ships. I know Harmony has it, not sure of the others. Just turn phones to airplane mode, turn off roaming as a safe-guard, and connect to WiFi. We didn't use the messaging feature because it doesn't have an audible alert when you receive a message, but technically it did work when tested.
  13. Last time.... the monkey was successful in stealing my Grandmothers hair! 😲 She did not go in the enclosure this time, once was more than enough for her. Ahh... memories.
  14. I borrowed my moms set of the Compasses, I will work on scanning and posting them tomorrow. But I see that I forgot to answer a few of your questions. I had also heard that the SeaPass card shouldn't be punched, so I bought some plastic ID card sleeves from Amazon to use with our beaded lanyards (not sure if I'm allowed to post a link?): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PNQCHMZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here's a close up of one in use, they worked perfectly: Here's a map of the 3 piers in Cozumel: 1) Punta Langosta Pier
  15. My apologies, was just being silly and meant no disrespect. All of your photos, especially the ones of your family, are truly beautiful. That "favorite" one of your daughter is perfection! When you say you were rejected by Maya Chan, do you mean they were full? Interesting about the taxis not wanting to take you to the resort, my group also had trouble getting a taxi to a private tour office in town. They were actually refused by all they asked. I understand that the taxis wish for a bigger fare (pref all-day), but this is still disappointing and will affect my future plans in this port.
  16. Ha! I'm the only one who caught it? It was in the buffet that evening on the chocolate lovers table (it had a different name that I can't recall now).
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