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  1. Earliest I can imagine cruising again will be 2021 or 2022. Hopefully there will be a vaccine by next year! Miss relaxing 😎 on a cruise ship 🚢 with a glass of wine 🍷 watching the sunset 🌅 and ocean waves 🌊 but it’s not worth the risk. I would like to reserve a Haven Suite for a future cruise but the cost of a Haven Suite have really gone up! However once you go Haven it’s difficult to go back to non-Haven accommodations. Hope to see some deals in the future on Haven Suites.
  2. I believe I read a message from you on cruise critic that you filed a dispute claim on 3/13/2020. I didn’t receive a notice from NCL until 3/14/2020 indicating suspension of cruises embarkation dates 3/13/2020 to 4/11/2020. Did you attempt to resolve dispute with NCL first? That’s an important first step before filing a dispute claim. Keep a record of who you spoke with and the information provided. You might not be eligible for a cash refund from NCL but you may be eligible for future cruise credit from NCL.
  3. Yes I submitted NCL Refund Form on 3/23/2020 but 90 days is too long a wait time for reimbursement. After I submitted the refund form I felt NCL was giving me the runaround whenever I called about any refund status e.g. beverage/dining/prepaid service charges & shore excursions. You are right that generally credit card banks usually give temporary credit during their dispute claims research process. After 25 calendar days passed since I filed my dispute claims without receiving temporary credits, I decided to re-contact my bank concerning the progress/status of my dispute claims; however I was told to check back in a week...I guess it was because originally I was told within 30 days they will get back to me! The next day I received an email with a time sensitive message giving me ONE WEEK to submit additional documentation to support my dispute claims otherwise the investigation of my dispute claims will be CLOSED (e.g. detailed letter surrounding the services NCL failed to provide, copy of invoice/confirmation guest copy with a breakdown of charges, list of attempts made to resolve disputes with NCL). I faxed requested additional info & the next business day I finally received temporary credits on my credit card...meanwhile my bank indicated they are giving NCL 60 days to respond to my dispute claims.
  4. I called BofA yesterday concerning my NCL Mastercard refund status. I received acknowledgement letters indicating they were researching my claims & will respond to me within 30 calendar days...I was told to check back in a week!!! Meanwhile I haven’t received temporary credits on my credit card. In the future I will use American Express instead of BofA NCL Mastercard... it appears others received better refund results with American Express.
  5. I also received my 2 CN coupons back into my NCL account which were used for my canceled 4/05/2020 cruise...Whoohoo!!! Next...Where’s my refunds???
  6. Yes I did submit refund form to NCL 3/23/2020 (NCL allowable date) & received NCL generic confirmation email. I also contacted NCL in April concerning non receipt of requested shore excursions refund which I was told to contact my bank because NCL claim the refund was issued 3/10/2020 (original request date). Submitted a dispute claim with my bank online (since charges was within 120 calendar days time limit) & received shore excursions refund...I have a small negative balance on my credit card. NCL said beverage/dining/prepaid service charges requested on 3/09/2020 is still pending...originally I was told 7-10 days for reimbursement...now I am told 90 days for all reimbursements. I wouldn’t be surprised when the 90 days is up NCL will have another excuse for refund delays. I’ve checked my NCL latitudes account & since 4/03/2020 I was issued FCCs even though I submitted refund form on 3/23/2020...latitudes Cruise history list canceled 4/05/2020 cruise as if it was taken. It appears NCL is overwhelmed with correcting their customers accounts.
  7. I opened a credit card dispute 4/25/2020 after being given the runaround by NCL. Explained to my bank dispute representative I wasn’t informed until 3/13/2020 that my 4/05/2020 cruise was suspended. I made a $1000 down payment (plus used 2 CNs coupons) 8/2019 and made final payment 12/2019. I received a message my bank is researching my claims and will provide a response within 30 days. It’s my understanding the dispute time limits 120 calendar days clock changes based on the date that the cardholder was first made aware that the service would not be provided not to exceed 540 calendar days from the transaction processing date...I became aware of suspended cruise on 3/13/2020 so I should be able to dispute such charges. I have not received a temporary credit maybe because I always pay off monthly credit card balances in full...I hope paying off my credit card in full doesn’t hinder my chances of getting a full refund chargeback!!!
  8. I would rather have my money in my pocket than in NCL’s account. Yes, FCC is higher than the refund but I hear NCL have also increased cruise fares so you are not really getting a bargain.
  9. Take the money & run!!! There is too much uncertainty as to if & when everyone will be able to cruise again.
  10. My 4/05/2020 Bliss cruise was suspended & I requested a refund on 3/23/2020. Surprisingly I received FCC on 4/03/2020!!! I also received latitude points in my account for my suspended cruise. I believe NCL computer is programmed to automatically perform certain functions which probably will be corrected at a later date. Meanwhile I’m trying to make sure I receive requested refund in lieu of FCC. In addition I’m also owed 2 CruiseNext coupons which I haven’t received yet.
  11. Yes, I discovered there’s Chargeback Time Limits...disputes must be processed no later than 120 calendar days from transaction date. However, if the credit card holder was first made aware that the service would not be provided, you have 540 calendar days from the transaction processing date to dispute charges...I was made aware on 3/13/2020 that my 4/05/2020 cruise was suspended. Unfortunately I made final payment on my cruise 12/2019 for my 4/05/2020 cruise so I’m relying on the 540 Day Rule to allow me to still dispute charges.
  12. Thank you...will contact BOA.
  13. Anyone knows if NCL Mastercard have an email address for sending messages?
  14. My issue is NCL said within 7-10 business days I would received refunds on gratuities/prepaid service charges/shore excursions. In April NCL advised me to contact my credit card bank because NCL claim they paid back shore excursions to my credit card a month ago. I filed the dispute claim to resolved the manner & NCL shortly afterwards finally paid back the shore excursions which was a small dollar amount. Now I have to follow up on gratuities/prepaid service charges refunds. Even though my suspended 4/05/2020 cruise date have passed, I hadn’t made up my mind concerning disputing the cruise fare. I submitted Refund Form 3/23/2020 & received email 4/03/2020 for FCC amounts even though I was requesting a refund not FCC. To date, I have not received anything concerning Refund amounts or redepositing of CruiseNext coupons into my account. Bank transactions are so easy to complete with computers so the only reasons for refund delays is NCL wants to hold onto our money as long as possible!
  15. In April NCL told me to check with my credit card company because they claim they paid my shore excursions ($151.20) 3/10/2020. I filed a dispute claim & received reimbursement shortly afterwards; however, NCL claim beverage/dining/prepaid service charges ($568.80) refunds are still pending. I was told 7-10 business days for refunds & so far 25 business days have gone by for refund of gratuities/prepaid service charges. I can’t help but feel NCL is giving us the runaround.
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