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  1. I was afraid that would be the case. Thanks for the info.
  2. I reserved a Haven Forward Facing Suite on the NCL Bliss. Previously stayed in the Haven Courtyard Penthouse on the NCL Escape & embarkment/disembarkment went smoothly. An elevator was set aside for Haven guests during embarkment & we used an employee elevator for disembarkment making coming/going very easy. Wonder if embarkment/disembarkment will be a problem staying in Haven Forward Facing Suites or Aft Facing Suites. Do they have special elevators for Haven guests to use to avoid the crowds?
  3. Yes. I went from mini suite to Haven Penthouse Courtyard on the Escape July 2019. Only problem is once you go Haven you don’t want to go back to sailing non-Haven! But I must say it’s worth the extra cost😎
  4. Surprise to see no bids for H5! Often H5s are available for upgrade since they are smaller Haven suites.
  5. Didn’t know there were inside & outside cabin prices. Use to seeing prices for Inside, Oceanview, Balcony, Mini-suite, Spa, Haven. If Outside is Oceanview then that’s a nice upgrade. Thanks for info.
  6. Stayed in a midship mini-suite on the Escape (2018) & midship Balcony on the Breakaway (2016). The only difference was the nice size shower in the bathroom of the min-suite...very minimal cabin/balcony size differences. Stayed in a midship mini-suite on the Gem (2017) & the bathroom had a combo shower/tub...was not impressed with the mini-suite especially the very small 22” TV!!! Planning a cruise on the Bliss in a Haven Forward Facing Suite (4/2020) to experience a separate bedroom/livingroom cabin. Won a bid upgrade for a H5 Haven Courtyard Penthouse on the Escape (2019) & once you go Haven it becomes hard to go back to non-Haven cabin. Good thing I cruise once a year because Haven prices are getting ridiculous!!!
  7. Were you able to have your final payment reduced by $100?
  8. I’ve stayed in the Haven Courtyard Penthouse on the Escape which allowed easy access to the Haven restaurant & Courtyard Lounge...loved being in Haven complex but the suite was smaller than expected. I shy away from Haven Spa Suites because I feel the whirlpool tub in the suite is a eyesore...don’t want to walk into a room & see a tub unless it’s a bathroom!!! lol The NCL Bliss appears to have a larger Haven Spa Suite & Balcony plus is less costly but I would still choose the Courtyard Penthouse if I had to choose between the two. My next cruise will be on the Bliss & I reserved a Haven Forward Facing Suite...it’s not in the Haven complex but would like to try out a larger suite with separate bedroom/livingroom space even though I will have to settle for a very small balcony.
  9. TOO CUTE!!!! Love the gangster look...Theo have a look like he’s saying “don’t even try it”!!!!
  10. Great group picture & love ❤️ all your photos. Felt like I was cruising with you. Thanks for the Bliss tour. Will be on the Bliss 4/05/2020...can’t wait!!!
  11. Smart thinking 😆....too cute🐈
  12. That’s my greatest worry when traveling...lost luggage 🧳 !!!! I’m a New Yorker and board the ship at NYC Manhattan port. I only worry about missing/lost luggage on embarkation day; and, eliminate my worries by using self-assist on disembarkation.
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