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  1. Good news update: The total amount owed was posted this morning in 6 separate transactions. It has been a long and disappointing journey but I am pleased that we have been made whole. Unfortunately, my faith in Royal, as a company, has been forever changed. Recap for those of you still waiting: Refund request March 14 Sail date April 5 Called 3 times while waiting and was told they see the refund requested but no other info could be provided After public social media post, contacted Royal through social media direct message (twitter) Royal re
  2. I direct messaged yesterday through twitter and was told I was refunded on 5/3. When I asked if it was one amount or multiple the person responded, multiple. I asked for amounts. She told me she was unable to provide that because she could not provide credit card information over social media. I pressed that it was not CC info just amounts. She responded with 6 separate amounts. I called CC company yesterday and today and they do not show anything pending. I hope that it is just timing but as I approach 60 days from request and have previously been mislead by a phone rep,
  3. Requested refund for our April 5th cruise on March 14th. Still nothing - we are approaching 60 days
  4. Update: we were scheduled to cruise April 5 Cruise was cancelled by Royal March 13, I requested refund on March 14 Still nothing I filed a dispute with credit card company (Chase) April 23, provided back up documentation April 24, nothing from them as well
  5. Deposits account for over double RCCL's assets. Even if they liquidate their assets it will not cover the funds needed if only half of the deposits require refunds. The majority of those deposits represent those payments closest to sailing and those currently seeking refunds. My loss on this will be $10,000. A $10,000 loss with nothing to show for it hurts no matter what one's economic circumstance is.
  6. I like your optimism. This example assumes RCCL is actually processing refunds, which they are not. The only refunds received have been computer generated from excursions, drink packages, etc. Refunds for cruise cancellations have not and I fear will not ever be received. Moreover, if these refunds were actually processed they would be credited to the original card used. So if RCCL is actually planning on refunding these cruises they would simply not dispute the charge back. Theoretically less work for them, check that one off the list and keep going. The fact that
  7. Something tells me there is a reason none of us have been given anything in writing as well. The original refund request stated I would receive an email confirming. No email was received. I called Royal and one representative told me they were unable to send any email correspondence, another told me she would send an email confirming my refund and amount. I never received anything. I blame myself for not staying on the phone until I received something.
  8. We requested refund on 3/15 for our 4/5 cruise. I've called twice and am being told it can be anywhere from 30-90 days after scheduled debarkation date before refund is processed. My family paid over 10k for this cruise. Unfortunately I don't think we are ever going to see that money refunded. We went from cruising once a year and now I don't ever plan on cruising again.
  9. We are scheduled to cruise in Oasis April 5th. I have not decided if we are going to postpone but we did purchase travel insurance when booking our cruise. Has anyone tried to cancel or postpone through Royal and have you run into any problems because you bought travel insurance? I read a post on Facebook claiming Royal told them they would have to go through insurance instead of new 48 hour policy. Thanks for any input
  10. Thanks...I'm trying to mentally prepare:-/
  11. TIA for any input. Our first cruise in years was this past July and we were fortunate enough to travel Star class through a RoyalUp bid. We have scheduled a cruise this April and are booked as Sky class in a crown loft suite. Because of spring break demand I doubt we will be fortunate enough to upgrade again. Our favorite part of Star class was our genie reserving spots for us at shows and being able to walk in right before showtime. Can someone explain to me how the Sky class seating for shows is handled? Do we need to make reservations? I think I read somewhere that we can
  12. Thank you all for the information, it is very helpful
  13. My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip next summer and want a stress free high end experience. We cruised as Star class this summer on Allure of the Seas and loved the experience. Is NCL's Haven amenities comparable? Are there different levels of service depending on room type? Thanks in advance
  14. We are cruising on the Allure later this month. We have had the fortune of our Royal Up bid being accepted and will now be in the Star class. Our other family members are in a Grand suite and a 1BR aqua theater suite. Does anyone know if this will cause problems for us in regards to meals and shows? The other members have purchased the food and alcohol packages. Thanks for any input
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