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  1. Super cool. Bittersweet because we were supposed to be on Ovation in Alaska last month. Hope to make the voyage one day.
  2. Would be super interesting to hear ongoing updates of daily life from the bare bones crew who remain on the ships. I always enjoyed the YouToob Chris fellow, who was most recently a casino host on Oasis. Are there any sources for lore/photos from what ship life is like these days?
  3. I just never realized it had left Yokahama. Became a fixture there for many months.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed on the marine traffic site that, after an extended stay in Yokahama, the Diamond Princess is sailing again. Feels like a noteworthy milestone.
  5. I can answer my own question. Got a response via Twitter and they indicated it was a glitch that affected a small number of folks. They corrected my credit and re-issued via email. The full $250 per person, must be applied by 12/31/21 for a sailing by 4/30/22. All set.
  6. Anyone call yet about this? Admittedly I was being lazy and hoping that there would be an update via email of a system glitch and that all was fixed, but nothing yet. Also tweeted RCL and got no response.
  7. Similar issue to others, it seems. I was originally booked on the August 7 sailing of Ovation to Alaska. Couldn't commit to final payment, so opted for FCC of the deposit I paid. Got my "future cruise credit" certificates via email today, but only for 4 of the 5 passengers booked. What's more confusing is that the certificates expire May 28, 2021. I don't even understand the significance of that date - these were for the August 7, 2020 sailing. My understanding is that the FCC was at least valid thru 2021 - definitely not only 9 months from the original sailing. Anyone know?
  8. I still need to figure out the right thing to do with my Ovation 8/7 sailing, because final payment date is this week. Long story short, I have a non refundable deposit down for 2 cabins (family of 5), and have paid approximately half the total cruise fare via installments over the course of late last year - yes, an interest free loan etc but helps me stash money away for a trip. There is zero chance I am taking the family on a cruise in August, so what is the right course of action? Can I get the money above/beyond the deposit refunded, then apply the deposit amount to a cruise in 2021? That would be ideal at this stage. Interested in what I could/should do.
  9. Good signs, for sure. I think it's odd that Chris has gone so sparse with his content after such a blitz to capture readers in recent weeks/months. Perhaps he's under agreement with RCCL not to share much, if anything.
  10. Funny I went to Chris' twitter page just before jumping over here re: the same question. Interested to understand what life on board is like right now. Obviously most ships are down to skeleton crews, so interested to know what life is like. Are they able to enjoy the panoramic suites, surf the flowrider all day, and lounge in the solarium all day OR is it near total lockdown? Obviously I am being a bit facetious - wouldn't have everything open (especially luxury items like the flowrider) with a skeleton crew, but do they get to open a pool, grab a beer out of the fridge of the Lime and Coconut, cook some steaks in the galley, etc. Or is it a much more rough and austere existence?
  11. As the parent of 3 kids (ages 10, 7, and 3), I couldn't agree more with this. A million percent. My wife and I took a 10 year cruise hiatus until December 2019, when our 3 year old was ready to rock a 7 night Carribbean cruise. We hardly used the kids club - the older kids asked to go for an hour here or there - but the notion of extended care (or even self care) for a 1 year old is crazy IMO. I've done two transatlantics, albeit many years ago aboard the QE2. The weather, the sea conditions, the distance from serious medical care, etc - absolutely not worth the risk with a kid that young. Not to mention the way of life aboard a 14 day transatlantic - tons of quiet time, reading a book time, etc. Not the environment for a 1 year old. Knock it off.
  12. per his twitter, chris is back in england. flew home in the last 48 hours.
  13. Diatribe or simple question? Lighten up, Nancy. Hope your lobster is delectable!
  14. Do people really care that much about 1 lobster dinner in the context of a trip that costs thousands of dollars?
  15. What month did you sail? Weather looks amazing.
  16. So stay on the ship at one of the ports and enjoy the fact that it is 75% empty. Bonus.
  17. Are there any threads/live reviews for folks on the Anthem Bermuda sailing? Hope they are having a great time. I'd imagine it's a unique experience.
  18. A fake mustache so that she isn't recognized by anyone.
  19. Thanks. Probably also helps for me to quantify "moderate." Up to $500-600 a night, considering we are a family of 5. I've never done the AirBnB thing. Will research that if hotel options are infeasible. Thanks for your help.
  20. Departing on Ovation on 8/7 and looking for a place to stay for 2-3 nights before the cruise. We are a family of 5 - two adults, and kids aged 10/7/3. Looking for a recommendation on where to stay - ideally looking for moderate-priced options, within reasonable walking distance of Pike's Place Market, ideally with a nice view (either City facing or Mountain facing). Most rooms fit 3-4 folks, and I haven't found any hotels that guarantee connecting rooms. So looking for a place with a larger suite and/or connecting rooms.
  21. My 7 year old begged us to drop us off a few times. We typically like having our kids with us, but she wanted some time with her new friends. She loved it.
  22. They're pretty easy to spot. Typically they are ones without people sitting in them.
  23. That's what I did. Handled via PM. I don't need a public blast fest. Just want my issue addressed.
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