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  1. Are you on an "older ship"? I wonder if it really is website error happening right now.
  2. We cruise next week so I"m assuming we just have to do it when we get there, can you do ice skating, rock climbing and flow rider all at the same place? I have four kids so want to make it fast and easy. Thanks everyone for your help, I should have just come here first without wasting 30 minutes on the phone with Royal.
  3. Thank you so much, yes this is the page I was looking for but unfortunately, it says, "unavailable at this time" I guess I will try again tomorrow and see if it's just the system today or if really they don't allow it on the "older ships" Does this work for anyone else?
  4. Help! I want to sign all my kids waivers (flowrider, rock climbing etc.) online before our cruise. I do not see an option to do that online. I just spent 30 minutes on hold with Royal who told me since I'm going on Freedom the ship is to old and that is not offered. Am I crazy? I swear I did this like 5 years ago so they just don't offer it online anymore. If it is offered where do I find it. Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks so much for the information.
  6. So if you have a code for 3 devices can you switch between devices? For example: Device 1 (Mom) Device 2 (Dad) Device 3 (child 1 iphone but then child 2 would sometimes want to have kindle) so as long as the child 1 iphone and child 2 kindle not on surf at the same time do codes work?
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