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  1. Are you on the cruise? I am!!! Regent told my sister that that is probably the cost for the ENTIRE group...and not individual. Hope to meet you if you are on board.....I am so looking forward to our stop in Belfast...and thanks I booked a private (4 people) black cab political tour in the morning. They will pick up/return us to boat in time for afternoon tour. So worth the money
  2. Depending on how long you will be gone and how much on land you will use your phone, Verizon also has monthly plays that were less than the $10 day/30 days. THe day (or I believe 24 hours) starts from your first use that day...so if you don't use..no charge
  3. Portolan, just help my poor brain understand. When you put in the special request for beer, do you PAY for that? Still hoping the wine is better than we think/not excited with the list/offering I was given by Regent for the CA red wine I can have in suite that is being served in restaurants. If not too late would love if someone posts the Red Wine lists of bottles available for upgrade..
  4. So if you took the example above and too 100% future cruise credit..you have to pay air fare 2nd time? Would that mean I could still use my air if I wanted? loll to Lisbon home London, not a bad trip! lol
  5. My cruise is Europe and fingers crossed all will be well by end of April. However, can one explain what "cruise only' fare is? Four our 5/4 cruise considering we just paid last week I doubt our flights are ticketed yet...
  6. OMG I am starting to totally freak out! FIRST Regent cruise for May 4 on Explorer our of Lisbon. Okay, I KNOW Explorer is out of Miami now and not going anywhere NEAR China. We chose to 'self insure' and use only the insurance that came with our Chase Sapphire Reserve card...who EVER would have thought about something like this? (Not me!) This thread is basically about China etc for now...does anyone have information on what is happening with the ships in the other parts of the world? It's not only the ship..its the plane etc. Oye Vey..finally got hubbie to say yes on Monday and now this is blowing up
  7. Booking a non-regent Black Cab Excursion for May. Is there transportation available from the docking site to city center, or should we arrange to be picked up at the boat? Thanks
  8. Paid for our first Cruise..May 4th Lisbon/London today! Nervous...a little 🙂 Hubbie is a non-cruiser and not thrilled with 14 day cruise. Called today to ask what wine I can request for my suite....waiting for answer. What other advise can you offer for what I might want to request for room......in a concierge suite on level 6.
  9. we got same for May 4 from Travel Agent..was talking to her. Anyone ever make their final payment a few days late without issue?
  10. We are on the May 4th cruise out of Lisbon on the Explorer. Final payment due on Tuesday, and we did not buy 'cancel for any reason' insurance. Very concerned...I want to hear from Regent. Also the airlines...Regent may have more control over who boards that Lufthansa..........
  11. How were you able to book the Titanic and Pub tour in Belfast? They are too close together according to what we are finding...we are on the May 4 Lisbon-Southampton cruise. This will be our first Regent experience.
  12. When the Explorer is in BELFAST early in May, I want to be able to book our own NON REGENT morning tour of the "Troubles". (nothing offered by Regent) Then we have booked an afternoon/half day tour which at the moment is The Pubs of Belfast. Would we have to get back to the ship to start the Regent exursion, our would we be able to arrange to meet up with them at the first stop? (I understand the Belfast port is about 3 miles to the city and there are shuttles available?) Secondly, does anyone have a recommendation for a Tour of the Troubles? That history fascinates me. Thanks for any suggestions, and again sorry I screwed up my first post..........
  13. I realize I screwed up my post so I am going to try again with a new one..sorry
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