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  1. Thank you Regent..we did not get email (our cruise 5/4) but have faith they are doing this 30 days at a time. Not sure how they could even get us to our flight with all Lufthansa's cutbacks. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.....and look forward to cruising when all is well
  2. I wish Regent would follow the examples of other cruise lines as halt service for a short time. As all 5 of us (3 booked rooms) fall into "vulnerable".....T1D, 86, asthama..............not getting anywhere near a long air flight (if flight is still flying) or a cruise ship. To all who cruise, stay healthy.
  3. Here's hoping 5/4 gets cancelled/I want cash back rather than a credit with Regent for 2 years
  4. Amen..noone seems to talk about that. If my husband and I were 'trapped' IF I made it off the boat alive, I would be going straight to divorce court. Not worth it! (ps he still works and is a T1D)
  5. I understand that this crisis is NOT of Regent's doing. Their updated cancellation/rebook policy, IMO was too late in coming. All that aside, I just paid Regent $26000 and change as final payment for a 5/4 cruise that the TA said we had to pay on time (Feb 4th). Additionally my sister paid the same amount and my mother, as a single, slightly less. I appreciate the ability to delay by journey until 2021 or 2022, but WHY does Regent get to keep ALL MY MONEY for what could be up to 2 years?????????? No Interest????????? I would feel comfortable with them keeping our i
  6. Taxare thank you so much for sharing! I have forwarded to my travel agent to confirm, and know I now have about 3 1/2 weeks to decide.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/amtrak-waives-change-fees-due-153721697.html How long before this makes it way to cruise industry? Airlines..Amtrak...............
  8. I don't want to hear fighting over Regent/Viking. My cruise is on Regent. So the CLIA is adding more countries/regions to the Do Not Board List. When my cruise has 12 stops and we plan to be off the ship at each stop, how does one protect themselves from coming in contact with outside people who have been to these regions? YOU CAN'T! You can practice healthy habits abroad as at home...but my bottom line question, and only WE can answer is Are those RISKS worth taking? I just wish Regent gave me some options other than just walking away.......I'd be happy to consider re
  9. When we opted to 'self insure' it was months before this situation...who ever heard of quarantine, skipping ports and possible cancellations ONCE YOU WERE ON BOAT. How do we get our input to Regent? I would like to do that. Some of Regent's passangers are on the younger side of the demographics.....they have jobs to go back to in order to pay for the cruise! My mother is 86........do I think SHE should be going........well it is up to her. IMO as airlines and other cruise lines start to offer OPTIONS, any carrier that does not do that will lose MY business, as well a
  10. Well they may not want to lose revenue, but I'm sure they will lose future cruisers. 😞 Losing the money won't change my life; losing my husband to divorce would! lol
  11. THey BETTER! How can we pressure them via Social Media? GIVE US OPTIONS!!!!!!! My husband has hated our 2 prior cruises..Celebrity and maybe Princess. He was PRESSURED to go on our 5/4 upcoming Regent Cruise by me....if I force him to go now (he is diabetic and fearful of being quarantined and has job to come home to) it will end in divorce court! I was told REGENT was the best and Explorer is amazing....not impressed at all as of now. (saw a headline on our local news that a fight broke out a a cruise ship as it was not allowed to dock due to a few sick people..)
  12. and TIming of primary elections? IMO Switzerland cancelling meetings over 1000? My cruise doesn't go there, but what does that fortell? Maybe I am better to wait and see for the May 4 cruise.......maybe Regent will take actions deemed appropriate by then. (now doing cruise to cruise?)
  13. Schengen I assume is EU? The flights are LAX/Frankfurt Frankfurt/Lisbon. Does that mean terminal change and immigration? I would 'think' Lufthansa planned enough time as both flights are theirs........... I just wish I could make decision/past 100% refund time/now have til teh 4th can cancel at 50%. 😞
  14. "If you have stopovers or layovers on the way to your destination, you should also visit the website of any airports you'll be passing through to understand mandatory screenings or checkpoints that may cause delays."...Conde Naste Traveler 2/26. More food for thought.....we connect via Frankfurt but both flights are on Lufthansa
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