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    Zuiderdam or Westerdam

    I was on the Zuiderdam for a New Years Eve Cruise. The previous ship was sick.The crew never even thought to sanatize the ship before we embarked. After all its just 2,000 people's health at stake. My boyfriend got sick withing 24 hours and the medical staff kept lying to us, saying there was no problem... They do this alot apparently from what I've heard from previous cruises. They lied over and over in the 3 days we were on the cruise ( it was an 8 day cruise... we had to leave early because so many passengers were sick -155 to be exact)They charged us for excursursions that we weren't on board to take, even gratuities for those same excursions,and after our credit card dispute went in our favor the ship is still harassing us. We had medical disembarkment forms from the ship but when it came time to disembark the doctor, front desk, and guest relations supervisor(Gary) all refused to give us or our trip insurance people the form.They lied again, said we were leaving on our own accord(even though we were quarentined) They actualy hung up on our trip insurance people. To top it off we finally got Gary to book us a flight. He said "I'll get you off this ship if thats what you want" He told us what flight and time was booked out of St. Thomas when we got there we found out he lied too... He never booked the flight. Not to mention so many people got off the ship that day... The flights were all booked... None left for another 24 hours....Holland America and their crew just didn't care if they left people sick, dehydrated and stranded at the airport. PLease reconsider cruising with Holland America.. Your safty is not important to them...