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  1. Loved the geyser bread. https://www.recipeforadventures.com/2015/08/icelandic-rye-bread/
  2. Having trouble for our Nov. TA from Barcelona to San Juan too!
  3. I put the lanyard in my purse.
  4. I will be bringing my original in a lanyard, plus a photo in my phone, plus a paper copy in my backpack/carryon, plus a letter from the clinic where we got the shot. Our medical clinic/state/health dept. will easily replace the original if needed. YMMV.
  5. Sadly, this does not clear up the requirement for our specific situation for our TA Nov. 29 from Barcelona to San Juan. Folks on our roll call are trying to get clarification, but get different answers, and the documentation is still all over the map. Specifically, we (and others on our roll call) are flying from home on Nov. 26, arriving in Barcelona on Nov. 27 (some arrive Nov. 26). The Oct. 15 documentation for our itinerary only says 72 hours before your first flight from home. Elsewhere on MVJ it says 72 hours before first Viking activity. Viking is not clearing this up for those of us not doing a pre-extension. In fact, one Viking agent has communicated to one of our members that we may have to take TWO tests—before first flight and once arriving in the country. Impossible to sort out so far, and I fail to see how a test before first flight meets their other onerous requirement of 72 hours before joining ship when we may have to get a test in Spain and get results before boarding. We fly on the Thanksgiving holiday, and any testing in Spain would be over a weekend. Why is Viking layering on this stuff and not taking care of their clients? Providing inconsistent information in MVJ—which says THREE conflicting things, isn’t helpful at all. One says we strongly RECOMMEND getting a PCR test; one says REQUIRED within 72-hours of first flight; one says REQUIRED 72-hours before first Viking activity. Nowhere does it address the Thanksgiving holiday or the Spanish weekend. And as I’ve mentioned before, their link for PCR testing in my area is worthless. 🤯😤
  6. Netherlands does not require negative test for transiting through airport—only proof of vaccination. The US requirement for opening travel for cruising applies to North American travelers as I read it with the two day test; all other travelers it’s three days. Not sure why you think international countries will respond in kind??? There’s already a three day test requirement in many countries.
  7. Hi Jan, Well, you’re more optimistic than I am! There are no testing pharmacies in Poulsbo that will do a Covid test for travel. There is a Walgreens in Bremerton but their turnaround time is two to three days, and we’re talking over Thanksgiving weekend, so I presume it will be longer than that. We are on the TA from Barcelona to San Juan, leaving home on Nov. 26. There’s a quick turnaround testing place on Capitol Hill in Seattle which is workable if we truly only have to get a test within 72 hours of our first flight, which we could do on Tuesday with results back on Wednesday. But it surely sounds to me that we will instead need to be tested within 72 hours of embarking the ship in Barcelona on the 29th. So we will have to get a test at or near the airport on the day we fly out. There are two there—one with one day results for $179; one with 60 minute results for $250. Great choices (sarcasm). 😏
  8. Viking website & Google to find a PCR testing site for TRAVEL near me is worthless. The Viking website even says, check with the facility to see what their requirements are. I’ve called every pharmacy and health care facility near me, with the exception, for now, of Seattle (I’m on Bainbridge Island on the Kitsap Peninsula), and NONE do testing for travel, with the exception of ONE over an hour away which gives turnaround in three days and would not be open on Thanksgiving (we’re traveling the day after). I’ve counted up three different/conflicting sets of information for our travel requirements, all on MVJ under the same travel alert. There are three other sets floating around for other cruises in other parts of the world. The mis-information is off the charts!
  9. And Iceland is part of Schengen, even though not EU.
  10. MVJ for our Nov. TA—Barcelona to SJ still has the 9/17 pre-cruise requirements.
  11. Just to reiterate, sometimes you can’t choose a cabin and must take a GTY. This is our situation on the Nov. TA. Booked when only 2 PVs were showing and they only gave us a GTY—no option to pick a cabin.
  12. Hi fudgbug, I’m curious about your experience with this. Have you posted on CC about it? Sorry—I see you posted it in this thread! (Dementia is setting in!).
  13. You’ll have to ask Viking. And they aren’t necessarily in control of the outcome as countries step in (Iceland) and remove the pax. Note, as has been rehashed to oblivion elsewhere in these threads, that Viking’s policy is not to quarantine close contacts. Why? I suspect because if you’re masked, vaccinated, & test negative with a reliable PCR test you’re not a threat. But Iceland and Malta—as reported on these boards—think differently.
  14. Yes, I’m aware. I don’t think anybody knows exactly how many cabins they held back. When we booked they were showing 2 PV2s still available so we jumped on it. Soon after, it was showing sold out but it was obvious they would have to hold back cabins for possible quarantine. Later, someone posted Viking had told them there would be around 900 pax. It’s going to be interesting!
  15. Perhaps you have a V GTY? A DV GTY would still get you guaranteed dining reservations. We have a PV2 GTY for our Nov. cruise and got our guaranteed dining reservations.
  16. My understanding is that the reason you get a category specific GTY is BECAUSE that category is sold out. An onboard sales person told us that something like 10% of rooms cancel within a month of the cruise and that is when they start assigning the GTY rooms. The upgrades to other categories happen because sometimes they will offer an upgrade to someone with a specific room number in your GTY category so that you can get your GTY. It’s all a mystery to me how they calculate it but I’m not surprised if they rely on a computer. Luckily, the one time we had a GTY before, we got an assignment a few weeks out and didn’t have to wonder until the date of boarding. We just called this afternoon about our Nov. cruise and no luck yet on an assignment. We’ll keep checking.
  17. Except when all they’re offering for a nearly sold out cruise is a category “GTY.” This is what we got when signing up for one of the last PV2s on the Barcelona-SJ TA in Nov. Your comment prompted me to check MVJ for our status today and it now says “stateroom assignment pending.” So we might give Viking a call to see what our options are. We had one cruise in 2019 with a GTY at booking with no option at that time to pick our room. Soon after we were randomly assigned a room, about a month out, we were offered an upgrade and we took it.
  18. I haven’t seen anybody on the roll calls for Iceland/Malta/Adriatic/Greece say that they got a preview in MVJ—but please let us know if you did. The only previews this year to my knowledge are on the main Viking website for each cruise—but the final ones at booking can, and do, change. In my experience this summer dealing with booking (and cancelling) three or four cruises, the excursions were never available for preview. For our Sept. Malta cruise, an intrepid soul on FB who booked the first cruise (July?) posted screen shots of what was offered, and another person made a pdf of the Viking website excursion details and posted it in a roll call.
  19. Excuse me? I was giving factual information about what’s been happening with Viking this year. You’re being rather harsh. Nobody’s “whining” here.
  20. Ah, no. It’s all gone to hell in a hand basket during the Welcome Back cruises, and even the post-Welcome Back cruises. You can take a look at the Viking website to see what excursions they might offer. And they claim they’ll notify you when it’s time to book. But in practice this summer, for us, booking a few cruises, they’ve only notified us once 24 hours in advance of when our booking was opening, and even then it didn’t happen when they said it would. In the old days, MVJ would show the excursions beforehand, then it would open for booking on the day based on your cabin category. But so far, not so good. Can’t really count on any of it!
  21. If you do manage to all get on the same tour at the same time, once on board check with guest excursions to get placed on the same bus. Some excursions have several buses that leave at the same time but don’t necessarily follow the same route together, and you might not get on the same bus just because you signed up for the same tour.
  22. And masking on the ship except in state room and when eating or drinking. Plus social distancing to the extent possible. I haven’t been on a ship yet this year but have been reading thousands of posts!
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