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  1. Thank you all for your comments! As soon as I saw these charges during the cruise I spent a long time on line twice with Guest Services trying to understand and straighten them out. The first time I was assured it would be corrected by that evening and I would see it on my charges, the second time I was told it couldn't be corrected until we were back in NY port at the end of the cruise. I asked what I needed to do to make that happen and was assured that I didn't need to do anything, the rep told me she sent a message and it would be taken care of. I just wouldn't see anything until afterwards. I have seen no resolution, and don't appreciate the fact that I was told things to placate me at the time.

    I have taken several cruises, this was my 3rd on NCL I haven't been on a cruise in 5 years however. I think I am not taking anymore cruises. The crowds, noise, extra charges and constant treat of infection in a small contained space are not my idea of a vacation!

  2. When we boarded the ship we went to O'Sheehan's Bar for a couple of drinks while waiting for staterooms to be ready. We ordered 2 Bloody Mary's (we did not request a particular brand of vodka) we were not given anything to sign to charge to the room, only the room card (we didn't know then that we should have been presented with a bill to sign), then we ordered 2 more. Later we saw that the first 2 cost us $45, and the second 2 $25. We had ordered exactly the same drinks, again premium vodka was never mentioned by us or the bartender. When I enquired at client services later in the day, I was told about the 2 differently priced premium vodkas we were billed for. I had to argue with the employee who finally called the bar and they said they would reverse the additional charges and I would see it later in the day. That evening after seeing no credit I asked again (waited on long lines both times) and was told by a different person that the refund had to happen after we returned to NY since we ordered the drinks while still in port. I asked what I neede to do or who to contact about it, she told me she was sending a message and I didnt' have to do anything.  6/27 - I still don't have resolution 

    The other negative experience was in the Spa - I had 2 services, my 2 friends had one each. We all were told the provider would advise the best type of facial for our skin, and of course were advised the most expensive. I later booked a pedicure and when I sat down for what I expected according to the price list would cost $69, was told that one was really just a superficial cleaning, and what I always have known as a pedicure would cost $75 plus $25 for the shellac polish I wanted. I immediately canceled and left.

    These 2 experiences left a bad feeling about the cruise, which otherwise was fine except for the crowds/noise  at the pool and the hogging of pool chairs was very unpleasant. We luckily had a balcony room and spent too much time there.

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