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  1. Interesting. This completely contradicts the email notification that I received from Cruise118 on 21st March.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. We booked our flights, cruise, hotels all seperately. However all of the tour operators that we booked through are ATOL covered. When I phoned MSC direct they even when as far as to say that ABTA and ATOL had endorsed their T&C's and said they supported them (which surprised me as this seems a blatant breech of consumer rights). The current situation is exceptional as you say however, so one should give them time to sort it all out I suppose. Its the mixed communication and then MSC reneging on their previous terms that I think is u
  3. We booked our flights with Virgin Atlantic (through TravelBag) and the last on that was that Virgin Atlantic were refunding. I received an email requesting preference on a flight credit or refund and requested the latter (via an online form). I've not heard anything more since (over 1 week on) so the flight refund is far from guaranteed at this stage. Then we have a weeks hotel accomodation booked down in Florida Keys with Loveholidays....their stance is that the circumstances are outside of their control. We also booked 2 nights hotel accomodation in Miami before the cruise with Avio
  4. Hi yes done that and they are pointing everyone back to the merchant...who direct you back to the....travel agent....who direct you back to your travel insurer. They are all passing the buck and nobody wants to accept liability.
  5. On 14th March my travel agent (Cruise118) sent out an email notification advising on MSCs policy on passengers booked on to cancelled Caribbean cruises (we are/were booked on Meraviglia on 29/03). The email stated they were offering cruise vouchers OR refunds. on Saturday 21st I received another email from cruise118 saying that MSC are now only offering cruise vouchers to the value of 125% of the booking value. Whilst this may appeal to some it is no good for us as we can only travel at Easter...and next Easter my Som will be in his GCSE year.
  6. Anyone else on here booked to travel out from the UK to the US for a Caribbean cruise over the next 2/4 weeks? We're booked on to MSC Meraviglia on 29/03 (out of Miami) and it seems completely up in the air now whether we will 'be able to' go. Trump's ban on EU travel to the US has not been extended to the UK as yet, but I expect the probability of the ban extending to the UK over the next few weeks to be probable as Covid-19 cases in the country increase. As for MSC there is very little guidance on their website, and the option to re-schedule only seems to be open to U
  7. Our first cruise is scheduled to sail out of Miami on 29th March. We’ve purposely held back on loading up on excursions etc in case we have to cancel. With the UK govt unlikely to advise against travel to the US/Caribbean we stand to loose a considerable sum on flights, cruise and hotels. Ofcourse we don’t have to cancel, but with 2 children and my Wife being asthmatic I am leaning more and more to taking the responsible decision and cancelling. It was intended to be a holiday of a lifetime for us all, but ultimately life and health is more important. The irony is my last chance of
  8. First time cruiser sailing on MSC Meraviglia in April with a family of 4 (kids 14 & 8). Are purchase of the MSC fun passes essential for access to all of the onboard amusements and is 1 pass per family member necessary (or can you share)? The MSC description suggests fun passes might be needed for cinema access, but it’s not clear. Also what is the best internet access option and can you share across multiple devices? Total cruise so any advice much appreciated, Thankyou.
  9. We are embarking on our first cruise in March, western carribean islands on MSC Meraviglia. Is anyone able to confirm whether immunisation jabs are needed (USA excepted) for the following locations: Miami Costa Maya Isla de Rattan Belize City Ocean Cay Bahamas
  10. Thanks for your feedback. Did you happen to take children to both shows? Based on what if seen I am thinking both shows will appeal to kids.
  11. Thanks for sharing-useful post! Conclusion - Viaggio
  12. Hi all, we are book on MCS Meraviglia in April and we want to book up one of the Cirque shows and are keen to know which one is considered the better show? We are a family of 4 with 2 kids aged 8 & 14 so need to consider whether one of the shows might be more geared towards children. Any advice appreciated
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Your excursion feedback is loosely what I was expecting and it is interesting to hear there are external excursion options ashore. A navy frien of mine warned us about Belize also so noted. we will probably do one of the cirque shows as I’ve read they tend to sell out...deciding between Sonor and Viaggio is the next challenge!
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