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  1. Thanks Exactly what I hope, just in case. I was concerned it would cause a reprice. I fully would expect to be charged for two adults just was concerend I'd end up paying for three and a no show if prices went up more that child rate.
  2. Currently two adults and one minor are booked on a cruise in March from Dubai. My adult daughter, who wants to go now, but I know her might cancel prior to final. If she cancels do they pull from reservaton and I pay for my son and me? His fare is for minor but I am hoping they just change his fare to adult and cancel out port fees and Fantastica upcharge for minor. Does anyone know how this works?
  3. Yes but $200 OBC is a reason, for some, to allow MSC to keep our money. I agree it is probably their systems but they have programmers. It seems they are adding a ton or work for their team to cancel and transfer old booking number to a new booking.
  4. I now have two cancelled cruises and one booked cruise. I agree with msc not allowing me to use fcc from both plus extra obc from both, but they only allow fcc for new bookings keeping original booking number. In my case I'd have to cancel and rebook to use their fcc plus obc. If there is any left over it goes as obc not fcc
  5. This just came up. My cruise went down after final. They will only do something if every code is exactly same. That code was missing and it is for 15 percent off, so in my car what to go down actually went up, but even if it went down they do no budge after final. As far as extra point I also have a latitude code. I do not think latvip15 does anything to extra points
  6. Thanks. Good to know. Now my embarking time is kitchen as 3pm. That will probably change several times. I asked because there are business class awards space home available for both nights. Second night is on Qatar which would be a great way to end cruise. I just wanted to ensure we could use ship as a hotel that last night and we can get to airport that following day
  7. HI I have a cruise that is 7 nights starting and ending in Dubai. Itinerary shows arrive day 7 at 9am. SHows day 8 no times in arrive or depart. Cruise starts t 11pm on day 1 and my boarding is 3pm, no idea earliest someone can board. Does anyone have experience on this route where there seems to be two days in port at end and what would be actual katest time to disembark? Dates are March 19-26
  8. NAR is actually disrespectful. I have a cruise in March that has been in NAR for quite a while. I booked another cruise same itinerary different ship for a little more money. Now I have two sets of awards (airlines) for two people to Dubai. Their game playing makes it almost impossible to plan air, hotels, etc. They need to just make a decision and move forward instead of holding onto money. Not sure why they need to play these games, it is not really customer friendly.
  9. My upcoming cruise went down and I call my NCL agent. Options now do not allow for cancel (past final), get FCC and rebook and use FCC as payment. FCC would have to be for a future cruise and not current cruise being rebooked, for now I left alone to see if it drops more in next month or so.
  10. I had an early saver for 274 (w/$50 deposit and $50 OBC). Special code came out for $174 with $300 deposit and not OBC, cruise is not until January 2022. It did say new bookings only. I did pay in full but way before final. I ended up with total of $160 OBC. Not sure how that was figured out. Any ideas?
  11. Boy, such a nice reply. Reason I ask is choice of using obc. If same price on board compared to pre cruise I might use obc I also have two credit cards that have a current promo for using on carnival
  12. I'm pretty new to cruising in general, I think six cruise done and several cancelled in last could of years. First one on carnival. I bought an early January 4 day cruise for 274 balcony. 50 obc and 100 total deposit. Paid in full with thank you points, final would be in October. Price went down to 174. Ta called and carnival ended up giving a total of 160 obc. So increase of 110. Not sure where that would come from in any logic. Terms of promo said new bookings only but whenever other cruise had reduction they all have that asterisk and just give money back. Any wild guesses in how they figured extra obc?
  13. Does anyone know if CCL has promos in their cruise planner like royal? For example royal might run a promo where they have a combined internet and drink/non alcoholic drink package for a reduced rate
  14. thepla


    What did they offer as compensation in email. Were you past final? I'm told they have a few options, just give back deposit, some obc to keep deposit active or rebook, virtuosa is available for a few hundred extra
  15. Thanks. Ones available all seem to have same size. If drawing accurate larger ones are gone out not available for three people For purposes of view of ocean do people feel center is better or higher is better?
  16. I don't recall exact cabins. Virtuosa deck 9, lowest deck, looking directly at ship from behind dead center. Upper deck, looking directly at ship from behind offset all way toward left side of ship but still aft facing cabin. This cabin is actually second from left. Cabin 12275 is what I remember for upper deck and I don't remember exact cabin but was dead center in nine
  17. Taking extreme.. Lowest deck dead center HIghest deck all way to side Assume same size cabin and balcony
  18. Frozen cocktails easy plus Dubai cruise. In planner it shows as part of pacage in PDF comparison it shows only in Carribean not other areas of world. Does anyone know if incuded? Plus it is weird that minor's package does not include frozen cocktails but it does include alcohol free cocktails.
  19. By looking at deckplan it looks like balcony and infiite oceanview have same Sq Ft but balcont is typical sep space for balcony and room, which you walk onto blacony. Infinite Oceanview appears that balcony is sort of in cabin and panoramic window opens up to have same bar with glass underneath and open above. You're probably correct and top slides down causing a double window on bottom and open on top. We would sit in cabin as if we were on a balcony., but physically in cabin instead of stepping onto balcony. This seems way cooler as balcony deck would be larger as it would not have contraint of physical cabin. I guess no other MSC ship already has this concept so until Europa sails we will not know how it really works.;
  20. I durrently have Dubai in March on Opera with a smoking deal. It is on NAR status so we all know what that means, go bye cruise. I booked, as a backup World Europa in Decemeber of 2022 in a Infinite Ocreanview. It is like $50 less than a balcony but seems like it might be a better experience. I actaully did that cabin becuase I thought it would be more fun! Does anyone have any clue how windows open? Cruise is almost $1000 more and no free WIFI and drinks which will add a ton extra but hopefully their will better pricing as time goes forward.
  21. Not sure if OK to post here. I use InsureMyTrip and my policy covers lodging up to $1500 per person (I have two insured), a large evacuation, medical, cancel for any reason and seveal other types of converage. Covid is not excliuded so it is included. Quarantine is specifically incuded. Base is about $40/person and I paid a few dollars more for $4000 / personn quarantine lodging. Policy is for 14 days quaranteed.
  22. Does anyone know which side to choose for balcony to get best view of island when docked?
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