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  1. Received part of my refund! Requested my refund March 18th for my June 27th cruise. The total for the cruise was 3200 or so. I received back $2200. I should be getting the rest back though because the email carnival sent notifying me of my cruise being cancelled said that if you cancelled your cruise after March 6th you should be getting a full refund. So I’ll probably call to confirm that. But yay for progress being made
  2. That’s awesome you were able to receive a refund! When did you request it??
  3. Confirmation that their offices are closed. Has anyone opened up a claim with their banking company? Should that be the avenue I take?
  4. Cruise scheduled for June 27th. Cancelled March 18th. I’ve called every few days since canceling to get updates. I spoke with a supervisor today and don’t feel great about the update I got. She said they don’t have a timeline right now for refunds and most of their offices are closed which is why it’s taking so long. Of course she could be full of it. But I’m extremely disturbed by the fact that I’ve spoken to 5+ people since cancelling and they’ve all told me different things. One even told me that my refund had been processed and to check with my bank. Carnival’s communication has been absol
  5. I do have travel insurance through Carnival. I'll definitely check into it!
  6. I agree! I'm immunocompromised and have until April to cancel my trip. I'm hoping Carnival allows their guests to cancel without penalty before that but if not I'll take the loss. I can understand why some people are still moving forward with their travel plans but it's truly not a risk i'm willing to take.
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