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  1. O.k., no sooner do I narrow it down than I discover maybe I narrowed it too far. All of those are one way cruises from Seward. Flights from Cleveland are almost twice the cost of flights to Vancouver. The key is the Tracy Arm excursion. I was looking at Alaska Unbound but I know the cruise ships use the Alaska Dream folks. How do I look up excursions available for any particular cruise and the cost? I bet that some of the cruises I ruled out would work if the Alaska Dream excursion is available, despite it being $100 higher than the other guys. --Darin
  2. Fingers crossed on September! Meanwhile, I looked at the cruises, ruled out any that go into Tracy Arm, looked at the day/time the others got into Juneau--many get there too late to catch the early Alaska Unbound Tracy Arm boat, and then looked to see which days the Tracy Arm Tour were sold out. That filtered out everything but three cruises: September 8 Noordam sailing September 1 Westerdam sailing September 15 Westerdam sailing Each of these also has the (unexpected) advantage of going to Haines, which I thought was a super cool place.
  3. O.k., another update! My out-of-town guests are gone and now I can focus on this a bit more... I just learned that the traveling companion cannot go in August as we had hoped, but can only go from about August 27 onward. I spoke to my mom about the high possibility of rain and she seems fine with the idea. She read an article about the record heat in Anchorage and so is putting her faith in global warming. 🙂 They both have passports, so Vancouver or Seattle is fine.. We are looking at 7-Day cruises. With the "Go into Glacier Bay" requirement that narrows it to Holland A
  4. Oh! I think I read that somehwre but for some reason it didn't "click" when talking about the hot dogs and lawn furniture place. Sorry about that! --Darin
  5. O.K., thanks for all the great feedback. Here is the state of things as of today: I'm looking at Holland America since it sees they go into Glacier Bay. That helps to narrow things down. My Mom is traveling with a companion so I am waiting to hear back on whether that companion has a passport and double-checking their availability dates, both of which will narrow things down quite a bit. Costco pricing looks good but I will double check with Cruise Critic and Holland America sites before finalizing. Now, more advice if you don't mind. I know I don't have a s
  6. O.K., I'm in a bit over my head. Last year I went on an Alaskan cruise (Uncruise) and loved it. I thought I'd send my mom on a regular Alaskan Cruise, thinking if I'd pay then another relative who used to be in the cruise sale business would help plan. No luck there! So now I'm scrambling to figure things out and I have out-of-town visitors for a week so no real time. I think I need help. Here's what I know so far: My mom and her companion are around 80 years old with no significant mobility issues. Both first timers to Alaska, my mother has been on one prio
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