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  1. thanks, I didn’t know the dates. people seem to celebrate early. Went to a Mexican restaurant today and they had all of their day of the dead decorations out. made me feel better about bringing a bunch of decorations with me because I guess it’s not too early. on a side note, i’m still confused by boxing day. I know it’s a holiday the British celebrate after Christmas Day but I don’t know why.
  2. If I were actually cruising on Halloween I would bring a costume. I’m just going from October 14 to the 19th so I’m not expecting princes to do all that much. However, the day of the dead should be celebrated in Cabo. My daughter-in-law likes Day of the dead decorations so I’m hoping I can pick something for her up in Cabo. Another sister of mine is wearing her Sally costume from a nightmare before Christmas.
  3. It might also because because they’re currently doing massive software updates and changes to their platform. If you go to the App Store and look under the developer of the MedallionClass™, go to their site you’ll see they’re developing these apps and connectivity for three different cruise companies, same parent co.
  4. Has anyone ever been able to see any bioluminescent sea critters (jellyfish, algae)? Would the lights from the ship prevent us from seeing anything?
  5. Does anyone know if they can make skinny (low sugar) versions of drinks like margaritas and piña colada‘s?
  6. I had a bad car accident years ago and damage my right arm, can’t crochet or knit anymore but I can still do Cross stitch. Maybe I should bring a cheapie Crosstitch or embroidery kit with me. I already have a Halloween horror coloring book I’m bringing. One of my sisters likes to color with me. We used to do Crosstitch together but she manages an LA library and never has time. ☹️ i’ve never been real good at just sitting still. I need my iPad or something else to do... I am so glad other crafters cruise.
  7. Yes you do or it could cost you a quite a bit. I’m embarrassed to admit I bought myself one for my phone and didn’t realize my sister bought a package for all four of us. I will use the second one for my iPad. You can only register one device per account but you can set your device up as a temporary Hotspot. I’m really hoping I can get my internet set up why I wait to embark. Its not real clear how you get your passwords and connection info, from my stateroom? Too much to hope that they’ll automatically detect me. Will most of the features of the new MedallionClass™ apps work while I’m waiting to embark or do I actually have to wait until I am on the ship? I wanna try and see if I can use some of the apps that way if I have any problems I can ask for help at the CC sail away party! Plus I’m gonna have to show my mom how to use them. She was unable to do the OceanReady® herself.
  8. I think I have the adapter you’re referring to. I got one so I could hook up a projector to an older iPad. I was playing It’s a great pumpkin Charlie Brown on my garage one Halloween for the trick-or-treaters. Sometimes it’s easier just to watch stuff on the iPad by yourself but harder with others.
  9. only a cool person own a Komondor Mr. Flint 🙂 ( my apologies if it’s a white puli)
  10. There’s other content to watch besides streaming. I download movies to my iPad and play them back on my Apple TV to watch with my family. I have enough to binge watch two series. I’m probably only going to stream Survivor because Boston Rob is back. I am going to be on the Royal on a Mexican cruise. It’s been recently updated so everything should be current.
  11. Sounds like a hassle. I’ll be in a mini suite, don’t need a shelf but I have to change the input. This is a problem I sometime encountered at hotels. The remotes don’t allow you to switch the input and TVs have few buttons. I’ve been able to access ports and change inputs in some nursing homes and hospitals. Cruise lines that cater to kids probably have accessible ports for video games. Hotels near Disney and other parks offer this feature.
  12. Does anyone know if the television sets on princess cruises have accessible HDMI ports? I am sure people bring Roku‘s, Kindle fire TVs, and Apple TVs etc, right?
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