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  1. No I didn't speak to anyone. I did an online complaint and uploaded a load of emails from MSC. I got advised my refund was on the way a day later and received I marked xomplaint as resolved. https://www.abta.com/help-and-complaints/customer-support/register-a-complaint
  2. As I posted before I got my refund within 3 months of cancelling. I complained to ABTA and the next day I was advised that my refund had been processed. I booked direct with MSC but if your TA is a member it might work. Good luck!
  3. I cancelled before lock down and should have received agreed refund 'withou delay'. Needless to say after 3 months of excuses i complained to ABTA, It took a hour or so of my time but the next day I had an email from MSC saying refund had been processed. It was in my account after a few days. Well worth the effort. Good luck!
  4. So I made a complaint to ABTA. The next day I received an email from MSC apologising for the delay and telling me my refund has been processed and I should receive it soon.......
  5. It's been 3 months now. I have loads of generic emails, excuses about lock down and remote working and now they just say it's out of their control. My refund was agreed before lock down and remote working. It should have been received within days at the end of Feb. I've sent a list of questions regarding their refund policy, where I am in the queue, how much interest they'll be applying to my money etc. etc. After not getting answers for a month it's been passed to the accounts team who haven't answered me for weeks. I chase it and get told it's 'out of their control'
  6. Thanks for that.... Constructive! I'll let you know what ABTA say when I complain.
  7. Please listen to LBC Nick Ferraris show today. (you can listen on catch up with the App) Simon Calder was giving advice on refunds. In the current climate 2 months is an acceptable time for refunds, 3 months is unacceptable and 120 days which is what MSC are telling me is in breach of the ABTA code of conduct. I will be complaining to them next.
  8. I'll be on the phone again tomorrow...... getting a bit fed up as I've been promised, refund, phone calls and emails from Managers but nothing materialised. I'll let you know if I get anywhere!
  9. Thanks, let's hope I'll get my refund soon........
  10. I was booked on cruise direct with MSC UK which should have departed from Genoa 25th April. At the end of February the cruise was cancelled because of the situation in Italy with COVID 19. The refund promised was the full cost paid less £100 deposit. I am still waiting for my refund. Its over 2 months despite promises that it would take 3-5 working days. I have phoned numerous times and sent numerous emails but still no refund. I've asked 3 times for their complaints policy with this being ignored in their email replies. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with refunds?
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