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  1. I personally think Andrew would be heavily criticised if he went to the funeral dressed in any kind of uniform.
  2. I'll be taking my camera with various lenses, I bought a wide angle lens specifically to take to Norway. I will be hunting out the best spots on Iona to get photos from.
  3. Not for the same reason, but my youngest daughter and I took an antibodies test on Monday, will be interesting to see the results. Our household have taken part in an Understanding Society survey annually for years, they have been doing them much more frequently during Covid and this month asked if we would be willing to do an antibodies test. I think I pressed too hard on the needle thingy, my finger is still bruised!
  4. No, not always the easiest. Perfection often expected of us, not from family I hasten to add, and never achieved.
  5. My dad has been known to wear that combination, but then he is a vicar, demented at times maybe 😁
  6. No offence taken 😁 My husband only drinks dry white, reds trigger his migraines. Sancerre is his wine of choice but it’s way too dry for me. Unfortunately our son in law likes it to Hubble has to share it or hide it when he’s round. It gets hidden more than it gets shared 😂
  7. I’m expecting that we will spend a fair bit of time in the cabin or on the balcony, but we like knowing that we can sit out on the balcony if we want to sit somewhere on our own. I think our cruise will be very different to our usual holidays and not just because it’s at sea. We often holiday in remote farmhouses, or seaside cottages/apartments and when we do stay in hotels we don’t spend the evening in the hotel bars, we’ll have dinner, go for walk, sit outside in our own space with a drink etc. Cruising for us is all guesswork and relying on other people’s experiences at the m
  8. It’s taken all of our married life to persuade my husband to try a cruise, I think he caved in to shut me up, but he has said that a balcony is a must for him. No balcony - no cruise!
  9. I’d be interested to know which cabin you do get Dave and what it’s like. My concern with having a deluxe cabin for my first cruise experience is that I won’t want to go ‘standard’ for any future cruises 😊 I’m very much looking forward to hearing everyone’s reports from their Iona cruises.
  10. We could have got the same cabin that we had booked for this year but we decided to go one further round on the mid-ship curved bit, thinking the balcony might be slightly bigger. Deck 11 almost on the middle of the curve, can’t wait 😊
  11. Thank you Jaydee, that would be fantastic. I am more than a little jealous 😊 If I remember right we were due to be on the same 2020 cruise as you. We will be on Iona in May 2022 and I’m now impatiently waiting for the summer 2023 cruises to be released before booking another one.
  12. I’m 5’2” as well 😊 you shouldn’t need a step ladder but I can’t imagine you’ll sink down into it either. We’ve bought a cover to go over ours in the winter and we will keep the cushion in the summer house when it’s not in use, although the cushion does look fairly weather proof. The whole thing seems better quality than our last one, we’re happy with it.
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