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  1. Thanks for the replies. I’ve actually just noticed that the 3 charges that say Champagne and Martini have that drink under the description so whereas all other charges show where you purchased it from ie Plaza Bar, Johnny Rockets this is saying that I purchased something from a place called Champagne and Martini? There’s no such place.
  2. I got my final statement this morning at the end of our 3 day cruise with independence of the seas and noticed there was 3 separate bills for champagne and martini totalling $64.50 but we never drink champagne and certainly didn’t order these!! I didn’t actially get my final statement till 8.10am and was due off ship at 8.20 so couldn’t go to customer services as the queue for that was massive (maybe they had extra charges too). Anyway can anyone assist me in what I need to do to get those charges dropped. Thank you for any assistance
  3. Ok thank you, wonder why when I asked about the tight positioning of the plug sockets to the desk someone said to turn the plug upside down as it’s only 2 pin and works both ways??
  4. I’m cruising on Indy next week from Southampton and have purchased 2 plug adapters that are UK to USA but I notice that they have 3 pins, 2 that are like squared off and 1 that is rounded but I’m sure on RCL ships there’s only 2 holes for the squared pins !! Have I got the wrong adapter even though it’s basically UK to USA. I have bought a UK to Europe one too for the Euro socket but will need all available sockets as we will have quite a few gadgets. Thanks for any assistance
  5. Myself, my partner and my 11 yr old son are going on our first cruise with RCL at the end of August from the UK and I’m just wanting to confirm what I need to bring with us to check in. The online check in process has been a nightmare, originally I did the online check in on my laptop and all seemed fine, I downloaded the RCL app too and all seemed fine but then occasionally when I use the app it randomly shows that not all guests are checked in!! Anyway today I got an email which has my cruise booklet with the luggage tags and all info and a link to ‘get my tickets’ when I click that it takes me to a different RCL website then I’ve seen before and it says that all 3 guests info is not complete, it was asking for holiday insurance info and my travel details like how am I getting to port and what time? Anyway I filled this extra info in and it says my ‘set sail pass’ that I did have on the app occasionally was invalid so I had to reprint. Anyway I hope my set sail pass is ok now but just to double check what do I need on the day? I will print out the set sail passes and luggage tags as well as have the RCL mobile app ready and also of course passports too. Is there anything else? One thing is that I’m struggling to take a photo of our passport photos to upload onto the check in, I can’t get a good focus, will not having photos slow down the process of check in? Not uploading photos hasn’t stopped me checking in online. Thanks for any assistance
  6. Following this with a little sadness, this was supposed to be our first ever cruise next July and my 11 yr old sons first ever trip abroad but as you know RCL chose to cancel people’s dreams. Anyway with the cruise credit we booked this ship for the summer sampler this August as Anthem of the Seas next summer was way too expensive even with the credit so we booked the Med cruise with another company and decided to get the summer sampler for free so my son can still see and do all the things he wanted to (weather permitting), so I’m interested in everything about this ship, the MDR food doesn’t look to appealing? Hope it tastes better then it looks, will only do MDR 1 night though, probably will eat at the other places other nights or just eat so much during the day we will be too full for dinner :-). Enjoy your cruise and look forward to more posts.
  7. Ok tried ‘no privileges’ and it went onto the ‘time of arrival’ option, selected that and still not listed as completed. Anyway I went onto the mobile app and it still showed as not complete for my child but when I selected his name all the details was entered automatically, I proceeded and hey presto all done!! Why are websites so unpredictable??
  8. Just tried that and still no success, it’s just blatantly skipping the ‘time of arrival’ page for my child which in turn is probably why it’s not showing as completed, is it because you can’t have an 11 yr old child registered with a credit card? I might try the no privileges option.
  9. Additional info: I’ve just noticed that after I select the credit card registered for onboard spend it does not go to ‘select time of arrival’ for my child!! It just jumps out to the main online check in screen again.
  10. Hello, I’ve completed the online check in for myself, my partner and our 11yr old child but it says ‘These guests are checked in’ for only myself and my partner but my child is shown separate at the bottom of the screen without the ‘view set sail pass’ and ‘view luggage tags’ options. Any reason why it’s not checking in my child? I’ve checked and double checked that everything is filled in correctly. Thanks in advance for any replies and sorry if this is in the wrong section, it’s my first cruise post.
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