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  1. My vessel tracking software had arrival into NY at 10:59 am.
  2. I checked a vessel tracking site and they showed an ETA of 10:59 into NY port.
  3. Sure looks like clear sailing into NY now, I would predict a pre 2 pm NY arrival. Full steam ahead. Surely lots of missed flights and connections in the making.
  4. Anyone on the Escape now that can gives us an idea of when they are telling you arrival to NY will be tomorrow? Bridge cam shows calm seas enroute this morning.
  5. We are leaving for a New England cruise on Sunday September 8th. I was wondering if it's common to see whales off the ship in the Bay of Fundy or does that rarely happen.
  6. Thank you for the info. I would never carry an iron too heavy. LOL I'm happy to know they have them available. I have used them on previous cruises but have never been on the Escape. I appreciate the quick response. Have a good day.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if the laundry rooms on the Escape have irons and ironing boards. Also, can I bring my own blow dryer on this ship. I have in the past but have never been on the Escape. Sorry if this has already been asked, I've been looking all over the boards for this. Thanks!
  8. They only book 25% of the specialty dining reservations pre- boarding online. You need to go directly to the restaurant immediately on boarding and you can normally get your reservation with no issue. But flexibility is key. You're on vacation remember.
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