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  1. See you there. We also have 2 SV cabins on September 18th.
  2. Do you know if the SV cabins balconies have the panel that you can open to the cabin next door? I have 7308 & 7310 with family members. On other ships we are able to open the balconies so we can spend time together.
  3. I have been going crazy trying to find out how to upgrade from the classic package to the premium package with the always included fare. I am now going to try to call them. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thank you for the site with the pictures of the cabins. I feel much better about the cabin. My sister is actually in E439 and there doesn't seem to be an obstruction at all. Good choice for her.
  5. W will be on the Sky Princess at the end of March with our cabin on the Emerald Deck E433. It looks to be above Alfredo's with a sort of angled deck. Has anyone stayed in this cabin or E429 and can tell me how obstructed this cabin is and how is it above the pizzeria?
  6. We are going to be in E433. Since you were in E429 I was.wondering how obstructed the view was and how was it being above Alfredo's.
  7. I also booked E433 and was wondering abut being above Alfredo's and if the balcony is an odd shape..i have seen it drawn 2 different ways.
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